Mini review and update/sequel suggestions

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User Info: Seven_Zombis

7 years ago#1
this is taken from my post on the xbox forums for dungeon adventure, also first, this board is mine, and yadda yadda, etc

As a first note i would like to say, that as indie games go this is in my top 3, this game is near flawless in its simplicity, and i think how it is played out it makes it more arcade style then most rogue-like games.
Graphics are perfect for what they are
Sound is perfect
Gameplay is almost perfect with *minor flaws*

Rambling aside, i think it would be an awesome idea to make suggestions for updates or possible sequels. i will categorize what "needs to be fixed", and what could be done at a later time, and what could done in a possible sequel.

*the leader boards have an issue where if a floor goes pass a single digit, it bleeds into the next column(i know this has been said, i am just noting it hear)

*Full Status upon death including gold(maybe monster kills and an identified inventory list?)

*leader boards to include level(maybe monster kills also)

*leader board connectivity issues


*could we get a hammer? how about an axe? Maybe a Sword made of different metals? All im asking for is as many weapons as we have armor

*higher class armor not spawning until later levels

*Inventory may increase with strength

*class and race affecting stats and starting equipment(a healer who does not heal?)


* A projectile weapon system

*Magic/Ability system




*More immersive random potion and scroll system

*more equipment(amulets, gauntlets, boots, cloaks, helms)

*more awardments, maybe kill based, using all armor, using all scrolls, killing 4 enemies in 4 moves, poisoning yourself to one health...Etc

(on a side note, why do all indie games limit themselves to the amount of awards roughly to that of a arcade game, give us 25 awards or more, gamers like to be creative in the worlds they play in, microsoft does not seem to understand that, props to uber for giving 14 instead of 12 or less)

*different types of food(maybe ones that give stat bonuses, ones that makes you ill, the abilitie of eating corpses and maybe getting abilities)

*more monsters!!!

*different paths, which would also mean the ability to go back to previous floors if you hit a dead end or get overpowered

*More random items(this comes from my wife, she says she like being able to always be suprised at random equipment and how it plays out to her success and failure in other rl games)

*Monster item drops, even if its just gold

Everyone else feel free to contribute or contest, and hopefully we can get the updates we need and the sequel we want.
If i think of more i will post later, i hope this inspires both creator and fans of the game.
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#2
Greetings from you know who. :)
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User Info: SALVI202

7 years ago#3
just got 3rd place in the leader board :) are there any other games like this or better for the pc?
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User Info: Seven_Zombis

7 years ago#4
hey guy you came to the right place

here is the definitive list of ROGUELIKE games

hope you enjoy
you should check out nethack anghband and dungeon crwal stone soup first, they are the definitive games for the genre

Whats up F40
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User Info: MarkMack

7 years ago#5
I'd absolutely love to see a more fleshed-out sequel. The concept of playing a roguelike on my xbox is great, but this game needs much more variety.
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User Info: Lokarin

7 years ago#6
I was the first one on the MS forums... >.>
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

7 years ago#7
I beat you to it!!! :-P

I looked for a forum as soon as it was released and at the time MS never had one... ;-)
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