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User Info: Kisuke27

7 years ago#1
is there by any chance a release date yet? or does anyone know when they're going to release it here at all? please dont flame i just want to know when this will be released or any word on it at all, i'm a hardcare fan of this game just like everyone else and i want it to be released here hopefully, keep this thread going for discussion if you guys want
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User Info: profroche

7 years ago#2
No US release confirmed yet.

If the US subscription rates would be the same as the JP ones, then I don't even care if there is.
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User Info: Alwc37

7 years ago#3
They make you pay a fee other then your gold account?

User Info: Fuzaki

7 years ago#4
wait, so you have to pay for xbox subscription adn the mhf subscription....

User Info: odino

7 years ago#5
Never, seriously.


7 years ago#6
the rumor is it will be about 15 per month....
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User Info: OmegaReaper21

7 years ago#7
This will NEVER come out in the US. Capcom knows that they won't make money here (or the EU probably) if there is a subscription fee. That is why MH3 doesn't have one in the US or EU but it does have one in Japan.

That being said I don't think Capcom would release Frontier without a subscription fee, due to the fact it is MMO like in the constant updates and what not.

User Info: OmegaReaper21

7 years ago#8
Oh and I must say if you think "well the hardcore gamers will catch on," let me tell you, I love MH, had it since the PS2, it is my favorite Multiplayer series, but I will never pay a subscription fee (5$ a month maybe but that's it); and I know that there are many people that are the same as me. Also, much of MH3 sales are from people who never played MH before and wouldn't have bought it if there was a fee.

User Info: KC_Hokie

7 years ago#9
I don't agree MHF will never come out to NA because people would never pay a subscription fee. First of all it's an MMORPG is a subscription fee isn't abnormal. Second, nearly 24 million Xbox 360's have been sold in the America's with the vast majority of those sold in North America. If only 1% of Xbox 360 owners in NA decided to purchase this game and pay the monthly fees that would still be at least 200,000 gamers. How many subscribers does the average MMORPG need to be profitable? Plus, this one would be a port and all they would have to do is make it in English.

User Info: Lawl_b0t

7 years ago#10
You can't even trade amongst players without restrictions, screw paying for a service. I rather be able to play an MMO and farm to pay for my subscriptions.
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