it better now?

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User Info: VioletZer0

5 years ago#1
Was thinking about getting it, but if it is still buggy then I'll hold off.

User Info: The_Ghost_Song

5 years ago#2
Patching has all but stopped and its still a broken tedious mess.

What a shame.

What a rotten way for a game to die.

User Info: SavageFruit

5 years ago#3
It sitll is being patched...

Though there are still some of the core designs missing from the game you can actually use combat now. They are now using a 2 week patch system which means save files will be useable from now on.

It is still probably another 1.5 months away from being up to scratch.

User Info: VioletZer0

5 years ago#4
Hmm, krosis.


On an unrelated note, they didn't nerf Hivers did they? They were my favorite species from the first game.

User Info: SavageFruit

5 years ago#5
They won't be touching any balancing issues until all the content is in the game, or at least any that affect it too much.You are probably better of going to the developers forums and posting your questions there/reading the forum. As the dev team posts actively.

And just to push the point they were still patching sword of the stars 1 series while working on Lords of Winter so I wouldn't expect this game to be abandoned.

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