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User Info: texasgoldrush

7 years ago#1
God this mission is hard, how do I take out the merchant in the boat without being detected?

User Info: StoriedFob

7 years ago#2
Don't know if you got it already or not but what i did was just take out the dock guard via the gun and then circle the boat assassinating anybody who was patrolling around.. when those are eliminated and the 4 guards who remain stationary looking forward are left jump on the back of the boat and position yourself to do an aerial assassination
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User Info: Scarecrow1715

7 years ago#3

This mission is by far the most F**ked up thing this game has ever done.

User Info: PwNeDbyPiKaChU

7 years ago#4
Ok seriously, what is the ***ing criteria that makes ezio pull someone OFF a balcony (or the ship in this case) because it seems to be random, one time he'll pull them off, the other time he'll jump up there and give himself away. WTF.
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User Info: Mushanga

7 years ago#5
F*cked up hard mission... I'm picking off the walking guards with stealth kills but on one guard the brutes always see me, even if I don't come up on the boat. Very annoying -.-

As for the trigger that makes Ezio come on the boat and do a brutal assassination (giving himself away in the process): I think the high-profile button is what triggers that. If you don't have it pressed down and assassinate from a ledge, Ezio should only pull the guard down, not come up and stab him then.

User Info: mjj58

7 years ago#6
Ok here s what i did.As soon as i appeared on the rooftop in the beginning of this level.I headedto the right.Jumped onto the lower roof of the next building.Then dived into the water.

I swam out as to the right side of the boat.Making sure in the process that the guy walking on the dock doesn't see me.

Then i climbed up the right side.And while avoiding the guards that are patrolling up and down the side of the boat.I maneuvered myself to the back of the boat.

I just waited there while avoiding the guy on the dock below.Make sure he is walking away from the back of the boat.

Climb to the back when he has walked back down the dock and hang there near the edge.As soon as the patrolling guys come up to the back of the boat.Pull them off into the water one at a time.

You might have to climb back to the right side of the boat in between pulling them off into the water.As the guy on the dock keeps walking towards the back of the boat.

After you have removed the patrolling guards in the boat.Slowly climb onto the boat.Get your hidden blades ready.And assassinate the two big armored guards that have your their back towards you.You have to kill them at the same time with your twin blades.

After that is done.Jump down to the lower deck from where you just killed the two guards and your target will be right there in front of you.Then quickly kill him with the hidden blades before the remaining guards on the boat know what is going on.

User Info: Wizard_of_magic

7 years ago#7
Considering suing for damages, my sanity is about done for.

User Info: NoThru22

7 years ago#8
For one thing, it's easy to kill the guard on the dock without being detected, so you should definitely do that. I don't know what you mean by the fact that the two armored guys have their backs to you. They don't. Their backs are facing the target and it's impossible to kill them without the target seeing you.

User Info: mjj58

7 years ago#9
The guards on the top deck round the back of the boat have their back to you when you climb onto the boat from the back.And yes they are facing the target.But the target is on the lower deck below them.
So you can kill them ,then drop down to the lower deck.And kill the boss.

I have finished it already.And that is how i did it.

User Info: stinkypants

7 years ago#10
the way i did it was pretty easy and i tried it 3 times and it worked all times.

At the start i went left hoping across the building until i saw the archer on the roof, take him out with throwing knives 2 should do. I dove into the water swam to the dock where the one guard was patrolling. I waited until he turned around and took him out.

I swam to the left of the boat and pulled the 2 guards down, i then crawled to the back RIGHT and yanked that guard down. I switched to the poison needle and slowly stabbed the guard on the RIGHT, let the poison do the work. The guard that was patrolling on the far side should be on the other side now. Take him out by pulling him over the side.

Now you should be left with a small guy and a heavy guard byt hte ship wheel, the other heavy is standing on the dock don't worry about him, Poison the heavy guard on the ship, when the light guard goes to check on him take him from the back. Then after he is taken out, get the ledge above the intended target and quickly jump down and take him out. There you have it.
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