Thoughts After Completing this DLC?

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  3. Thoughts After Completing this DLC?

User Info: wiltonsjs

7 years ago#1
Just to get the discussion rolling:

1. Value Proposition: "Bonfire" is certainly a better value than "Forli". Longer game play, more challenging, one new "skill" (although pointless for the most part).

2. What's Not To Like:
>Play time still too short.
>No new "serious" skills
>No new Achievements
>Does absolutely nothing to advance what is a very interesting plot/story
>Poor character development. Machiavelli (a major historical figure) comes off like a grocery store cashier (no slam intended on grocery store cashiers...just on Ubisoft).

3. The Ugly Bits: Exposes the stupidity and greediness of Ubisoft's marketing strategy: Offer "secret" parts of the game to generate advance sales, requiring customers to blindly spend money for what the rest of us now know are trivial/silly bits.
>Nickel and dime their now-loyal AC2 customers with DLC's that fall squarely into the "better than a poke in the eye" category. I thought the DLC's would advance the story -- and give me a reason to play the game again. Sadly not to be.

4. Bottom Line:
>Still a great game, but no one should lose sleep about not coughing up the extra beans for these DLC's.
> Ubisoft is foolishly abusing their relationship with their customers.

User Info: NewShire

7 years ago#2

I'm glad I didn't pay any money for either of these addons. I'm going to be more cautious with DLC from Ubisoft from now on. I've already learned that lesson from Bioware DLC, although I'm guessing that EA was behind all that nonsense.

User Info: GamingGuru1992

7 years ago#3
I have rather mixed views on this dlc. On one hand it is much better than BoF, on the other hand, being better than bad doesn't make it good.

The assassinations were some of the best in the game, I found myself really having to survey the situation and think (especialy in the ones where you have to be unseen), rather than just charge in with the hidden blade.

The spring jump was a nice, but rather pointless improvement, I personnaly think it didn't look very good though,Ezio just sort of stumbled through the air. The new district was good but (at least on my copy) the weather seemed a bit glitchy, not sure if it was an intentional animus glitch or bad programming.

I think the biggest dissapointment was the story. The end of Forli set things up quite well, and the ending of this one was prety cool, but there was nothing in the middle, we never found out about the villain (his plan, motivation, how he knew about the apple, etc).

Overall I'm glad I played it, I'm just not glad I had to pay for it
(UK gamer)

User Info: wiltonsjs

7 years ago#4
Great metaphor, GamingGuru. Sort of like a P&B sandwich...without the P&B. You are right, taking out Savonarola's Lieutenants really did take more planning/thought then any so far. But no story development, no character development.

Really dumb move by Ubisoft to squeeze nickels/dimes out of their customers without advancing the storyline.

User Info: hatae55

7 years ago#5

You think thats bad? have you seen what Ubi tried to do to us Far Cry 2 fans? anyways, I guess I should pass over this one?

User Info: wiltonsjs

7 years ago#6
If I had to choose between the two, "Bonfires" would be the better by far. The assassinations in Bonfires do take more planning and a couple are fairly difficult. I've no idea, though, if you can play that without first getting "Forli" as this one is the set up for Bonfires. The Templar's Lairs are ho-hum; the last thing you need in this game is more Florins. So, don't lose any sleep if you take a pass.

User Info: CyrianFontaine

7 years ago#7

I agree with most of what's been said here, but I'd disagree with the people who say that there's no character development here whatsoever. I thought Ezio's speech at the end of Sequence 13 actually helped me to understand why he spared Borgia at the end of the game. When I first finished the game, I thought it was a little random that he would do that since he had been wanting vengeance the whole time, but that little speech to the people gives you some insight into his thoughts beforehand and really makes the whole thing flow in a more logical way. At least, that's how I felt about it.

User Info: wiltonsjs

7 years ago#8
True, Enzio is evolving into a more mature and understanding character...certainly motivated by higher morals and aspirations than the slime he's battled throughout the original game and the DLC's. I'd have to agree with that and thanks for pointing it out.
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  3. Thoughts After Completing this DLC?

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