Why does everyone say the timeline is messed up?

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  3. Why does everyone say the timeline is messed up?

User Info: pokefan83

7 years ago#1
For give me for being a noob, but I hear alot about how the timeline's all messed up, but they never say why?

User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

7 years ago#2

You couldn't post this here?
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User Info: pokefan83

7 years ago#3
No, because they already went off in Dragonball and ReBoot. I want to discuss Megaman.

User Info: pokefan83

7 years ago#4

User Info: symbolic319

7 years ago#5
I don't know. The timeline is fine. It's just the story that is messed up with its loopholes and what not.

There are a lot of mysteries set inbetween each series and with it came forth a lot of speculation and assumptions. This probably led to people thinking the timeline is messed up due to differing perspectives.
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User Info: pokefan83

7 years ago#6
Loopholes, like what? Sorry, but I'm new to Megaman. Only played Maverick Hunter X, Powered Up, Zero Collection, and both ZX games.

User Info: Dark_SilverX

7 years ago#7
hurr SPOILERS k, hurr

The original series has no story. It's basically random stuff every game. The X series isn't done yet thanks to X8's ending with Axl.

The Zero series is over with, ok.

Legends series isn't over, but the series ain't important anymore.

ZX series is the same with the X series, a faulty ending.

The BN and SF games are in their own timeline, but BN is over with, while SF could continue to go on, but it's dead as of right now.

The timeline is pretty cute so far, as somebody said it's just the stories for the certain series that's messed up.
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User Info: PureNothingness

7 years ago#8
The timeline isn't necessarily messed up--its more like the overall story line. The official timeline, I believe goes something like this:

Original Series ---> X Series ->Zero Series -->ZX Series ---------------------> Legends Series
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User Info: Suta_Safaia

7 years ago#9
Don't forget that only up to X5 is canon for the X series (ends with the death of zero, and then his discovery in MMZ). After X5 was over Capcom bought out the rights to the series from the creator and kept making games. X6-8 are not part of the original story.
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User Info: OmataSSKKorosu

7 years ago#10
Doesn't the tower from X8 make an appearance in the Zero (or was it ZX) series? I think that's what brought X6-X8 back to canon.
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  3. Why does everyone say the timeline is messed up?

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