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User Info: tj445

7 years ago#1
Ver 1. This goes till you Make zenith dragon/master dragon (I have used english names found on 3rd party sites i will include just a monster description if the name is not found))

1st batch
Metal Dragon x Great Dragon = Gold metal Dragon
Giant Hills Dragon x Bazuzu (Pink Silver Devil)= Giant Dragon
Giant Dragon x Gold Dragon = Alabast dragon

2nd Batch
Bone Knight x Bone Knight = Bone Baron
Bone Baron x Killer Machine = Pisaro Knight
Mum x Boh x jum x Boe = Mumbo-Jumboe (i hope you get the idea on this one)
Mumbo-jumboe x Living Statue (or any other high rank object monster)= Ruin
Pisaro knight x Ruin = Pisaro

Alabast Dragon x Pisaro = Dholmages

3rd Batch
Gryphon x Bazuzu = Jamirus
Arch Demon x Gold Man = Belial
Jamirus x Belial = Gemon
Skull Arach x Dulan = Hargon
Hargon x Gemon = Baramos
Baramos x Oceanon = Nimzo

Dhomages x Nimzo = Rapthorne form 1

4th Batch
Hargon x Oceanon = Sid
Bone Baron x Phamtom Knight= Dullahan
Dullahan x Sid = Zoma

Zoma x Rapthorne Form 1= Rapthrone Form 2

Up until now it was relatively Easy.
Now comes the Pain in the butt.

5th Batch
Mildras x Estark = Mortamor
Mortamor x Alabast Dragon = Orgo Demir
Beshemoth Slime x Beshemoth Slime x King CureSlime x Metal King = Slime Madulla (jewel Slime)

6th Batch
Orgo Demir x Slime Madulla x Captain Crow x Rapthrone Form 2 = Dr. Snapped
Dr. Snapped x Dullan = Nocturnus
Great Dragon x Demon-at-arms = Draco Lord
Tyrant Worm x Wing Tiger x Bjorn x Letis = Orochi
Snow Dragon x Sky Dragon x Alabast Dragon x Orochi = Xenlon
Lavaman x Iceman x Gold man x Golem= Golden Golem (Balhib)
Killer Machine x Killer Machine x Golden Golem x Golden Golem = Killer Machine 2
mimic x mimic x Cannibox x Metal Kaiser slime = Trap Box
Super Killer Machine x Killer machine 2 x Killer Machine x Trap Box = Saggitar

Final Batch
Nocturnus x Draco Lord x Xenlong x Saggitar = Zenith dragon

I have proved all the bove stuff and They work, as i have in my game a pretty Uber Zenith Dragon.
By Combining Zenith Dragon with Leosword you get Omd Roles the Final boss.
To get Leosword you need Joker and another Orochi and to make Joker you need to go a more bothersome route which will be explained in my next thread

Enjoy ~
Two things are infinite, The universe and Human stupidity.

User Info: Zorander

7 years ago#2
looking at this makes me want to cry with pain. thx for putting this up.
No one is born with hatred.
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User Info: tj445

7 years ago#3
Ver 2. I will cover till the making of a Joker and a leosword and not to forget Libranex (Odom Roles)
Most of the important stuff are explained in the Ver 1 so use it for reference

1st Batch
King Slime x Metal King x Bubble King x Metal Kaiser = Grand Slime
Golden Golem x Golden Golem x Grand Slime x Grand Slime = Golden Slime
Draco Lord x Alabast Dragon x Golden Slime x Captain Crow = Dracolord Dragon form

2nd Batch
Rapthorne Form 2 x Draco lord Dragon form = Dracovian Lord
Letis x Dracovian Lord = Divine Godbrid
Wulfspade x Nature monster Rank S = Wulfspade Ace
Wulfspade Ace x Divine Godbird = JOKER

3rd Batch
Boss Troll x Fat Lizard = Night Clubber
Night Clubber x Night Clubber x mischievous mole x mischievous mole = Don Mole
Lion King x Don Mole x Orochi x JOKER = Leosword

Final Batch
Leosword x Zenith Dragon = Libranex

If i find more stuff that need to be added i will ~
Two things are infinite, The universe and Human stupidity.

User Info: DQMJ2FTW

7 years ago#4
wow O_O makes getting DQMJ1's rare monsters seem like scouting a slime...

User Info: Ravage_mk2

7 years ago#5
I'm assuming we can either breed or catch/obtain a 2nd copy of Captain Crow, since he seems to be listed in two unique breed recipe's sofar.

User Info: tj445

7 years ago#6
Captain Crow is obtainable in only one copy of a game, to get another you will have to surechigai with someone who has him and scout him
Two things are infinite, The universe and Human stupidity.

User Info: dbouya

7 years ago#7
captain crow is required to create both zenith dragon and leosword

in other words without multiplayer you cannot create lorece omudo (Libranex) no matter what you do?

i'm disappointed to find out that not only can i not obtain every monster, but i also can't even obtain any monster, nor even the final monster!

User Info: tj445

7 years ago#8
I see that you never played DQM for the Gameboy.
MOST of the momnster are made for you to make them with breeding, what fun would there be if you can just scout them?
also Some of the combinations needing Captain Crow might work as well with other monsters so experiment before wasting crow
Two things are infinite, The universe and Human stupidity.

User Info: dbouya

7 years ago#9
i think you misunderstood my point....

i was stating that it was IMPOSSIBLE to create libranex with fusion because to do so would require having two captain crows.... and captain crow cannot be created via fusion...

in the gameboy games you could create every single monster with nothing in your hands but the gameboy and the cartridge... but in joker2 you need wi-fi and other games and etc etc it's annoying to have a game where i cannot enjoy all the features ...

but that's a good point i have noticed that there are a lot of formula combinations not listed in wikis maybe there is one involving crow I won't give up hope yet

User Info: DeadReactor

7 years ago#10
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