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User Info: tj445

7 years ago#11
in DQM2 for GB we know that it had 2 Versions, one with the male Character and the one with the female character.
Some rare monsters wouldnt appear in one version so you had to trade monsters with a owner of another version.
Same Strategy has been used here
Two things are infinite, The universe and Human stupidity.

User Info: Ravage_mk2

7 years ago#12
At the risk of tj445 biting my head of with very blunt teeth:

I've beaten the Sagitarius themed boss, and now I want to breed the darn thing.

To this end, could use some help from both the topic creator or anyone else readying this.

If I read the above list right, I'm going to need in total:

1x Cannibox
2x Gold Man
2x Golem (already have these scouted from the Ruin area)
2x Iceman
3x Killing Machine 1
2x Lavaman
1x Metal Kaiser Slime
2x Mimic (I assume this is the one I scouted in the Ruin area)
1x Super Killer Machine

The info I would humbly request is scoutable locations/breeding parents for:

Killing Machine 1
Super Killer Machine(I suspect this MIGHT be "strong" version of Killer Machine?)

Gold, Ice and Lava men I already have in my breeding options, so those are easy enough.
Metal Kaiser was listed already, so I know how to get that one.

My apologies if my request upsets anyone reading it.

User Info: tj445

7 years ago#13
Canniboxes are in the Room with Gears before you go to libranex
Killer Machine 1 can be found on Random in Hell, or you can find it deep in the Underground ruins (Where i think you can also find Canniboxes)
Super Killer Machines are only scoutable in the Land of Light (Metal King area) They are a 2 Slot sized Killer Machines
Im lazy to post how to get to the land of light so just look at other posts
Its just that to get there you need to kill libranex first, so if you havent killed libranex forget about them
Two things are infinite, The universe and Human stupidity.

User Info: Ravage_mk2

7 years ago#14
I used this site to help me figure out how to get some of the above.


It seems "Cannibox" is the one you can recruit in the Ruin map.(I'd assumed those were Mimic by mistake)

Can breed that monster now, just gonna take me 62+ monsters to do it :D

I can share the breeding list if anyone wants it.

User Info: dark_poke

7 years ago#15
is that site chinese or japanese?
because if i try it in google translator, both translations are worthless...

User Info: FencingFoxFTW

7 years ago#16

no problems with google translate choosing japanese manually

of course, most of it will be moonspeak

User Info: BynineB

7 years ago#17
What does the term "surechigai" mean? Trade?
I play Dragon Warrior Monsters II.

User Info: Ravage_mk2

7 years ago#18
Chance Encounter from Joker 1 = Surechigai, I think

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