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User Info: mikethevike0

6 years ago#1



Google Translate to English.

..... You're welcome.

User Info: Darrk_Harris

6 years ago#2
FYI the ones on the left are the results

For the second chart you fuse 2 sets then fuse the results.
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User Info: Bladenyte

6 years ago#3
lol that is a really stupid list.. according to that second link, he recommends synthing a hunting mech and a ruin to get a killing machine.

why the hell would you use something as nice as a ruin to synth something you can scout?

its missing a few monsters, but overall i guess it is a decent enough link, except for the stupid things he recommends sometimes

i didnt know that trode was synthable. looks like it is a durhan,+xenlong,+gem slime+ canzer combo.
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User Info: Anuubian

6 years ago#4
Not a stupid list at all. This should stay bumped

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