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User Info: King_Zenith

6 years ago#1
We just made a minor update to the synthesis search at the Dragon's Den:


The update just allows you to re-execute a search with different parameters if your first search returned no results.

For example, if you search for a Rhapthorne2 with no "rank decrease" and no "same rank" results toggled, you will get no results:


But now, instead of just telling you that you are screwed, it asks if you want to search again with "Same Rank" or "Rank Decrease" or both unchecked.

It's very minor, but could help you out if you are clicking through a long synthesis chain that would benefit from different search parameters.

The other thing we are now in the process of doing is removing another form of duplicate that we previously decided to leave in. We are now going to remove synthesis results that follow the template X = X + Y.

For example, when searching for Zoma, you currently get some "Same Rank" results like:

Zoma = Zoma + Abyss Diver

Although this is a valid synthesis combination, it's kind of pointless to let people know this.

Hope these updates will be helpful. We are also going to be adding synthesis links to the Monster Companions page so you can be browsing through the monster page and just click the synthesis link to lookup the recipe for that monster.

User Info: Algrado

6 years ago#2
thanks, I know it'll come in handy at some point

User Info: Lokarin

6 years ago#3
I just noticed that.

Is there any progress on the Rank Calculator?
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User Info: Pdaimaoh

6 years ago#4
I was sad the other day when I got my lootist list and couldn't find any synthesis for Cyber-Slime on the site, maybe I did it wrong, but last night I was pushing past Unshore and decided to synth my entire lot, eventually getting one for Cyber-Slime making me very happy...then I go there today and find a huge list. lol, I must have had something checked off without realizing it.

nice site, thank you for it.

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User Info: ATLchriton

6 years ago#5
Awesome tweaks, keep up the great work over there!!!

User Info: King_Zenith

6 years ago#6
Lokarin posted...
I just noticed that.

Is there any progress on the Rank Calculator?

Do you mean the calculator to determine what your WiFi rank will be if you use a certain team build in WiFi? If so, no progress on that yet.

Sorry if you are referring to something else. My memory is poor at the best of times.

Thanks for comments everyone.

User Info: infinitexx

6 years ago#7
Nice tweaks, as usual.

I imagine a rank calculator is a colossal pain, as it seems there are either monster specific exceptions or trait exceptions.
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User Info: Cake_Mage

6 years ago#8
Nice. This will save a lot of time when trying to figure out a complicated synth.

Do you think you could also allow clicking on the offspring monsters to do an ingredient search on them? I would have found this helpful when trying to figure out what I could eventually turn my planned new monster into, it would have saved time instead of having to go back to perform a different search.
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