Eugene Poole

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User Info: Captain_Michael

6 years ago#1
where can i find this person.

User Info: LordDeathkeeper

6 years ago#2
Where are you in the game?
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User Info: Captain_Michael

6 years ago#3
i just beat the game and beat all in arena and when i talk to that mynos the elder he says: my descendent Eugene Poole is scouting monster somewhere on the islands. if you see him, hail him, and challenge him to a monster scout battle. but do remember that my blood runs in his veins. a scout of his pedigree shall present a formidable challenge. be on your guard, young man, be on your guard. i dunno where to look for this person.

User Info: Sk8erpunq

6 years ago#4
He's in different locations by Zip portals. If you use Zip and there are no monsters nearby, Poole is probably around. (Might be Incarnus, too)

User Info: Algrado

6 years ago#5
I ran into him for the first time today at the zip portal where you're about to meet leonyx(dark world?) he used a green dragon and the small yellow one that drops martial artist scrolls in the doubtback. He is much harder than it looks, I was actually looking to scout a monster with a weak team and almost lost haha.

User Info: Captain_Michael

6 years ago#6
how many times you have to fight eugene i beat him in 1 round with my strongest spell 3 magic burts no chance.

User Info: Icecypher

6 years ago#7
He gets more difficult in subsequent battles.
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