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User Info: kevkg

7 years ago#1
I've completed the armoury and got all the missions(i think)...and all the achievements...but cant get the completionist one...can anyone help ?


User Info: nicktar8

7 years ago#2
there is a midget in the sunken sea and a house in road's edge that give you missions-have you done those?
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User Info: Wanz44

7 years ago#3
Have you completed 43 missions?
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User Info: elconoM

7 years ago#4
I'm in a similar problem now. I think it is the "go treasure hunting at Road's End in a Lancer" thing for me.
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User Info: random_man12

7 years ago#5
i have the same problem, but where do you go to start "go treasure hunting in a lancer"?
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User Info: NightDarkTerror

7 years ago#6
Its a quest called "lost lewts". You have to find the quest in the Road Ends, its in a side cave to the left of the map before you fight that one Admiral or w/e he was. You run down a path into a shack in this cave. There is a red treasure chest in the shack, and when it opens up, only a recorder looking device is there, its actually the machine that starts the quest. You have to have a Lancer vehicle, and it acts as a sonar, showing when your near a buried treasure.
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