Sultan RS

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User Info: MercuryPSP

7 years ago#1
Awesome, just found this car during a drug war mission. There any other kind of rally sport cars? Sentinel RS would be sweet...
PSN: MercuryEQ

User Info: GTAForums

7 years ago#2
That is one of the best cars in the game, it's a beast.

User Info: DynoNobel

7 years ago#3

is it found anywhere else other than the drug wars? It was pretty damn sweet when I got it in the drug war mission, but then I decided to use it to rack up 4 stars and outrun the it is all exploded and stuff

User Info: MercuryPSP

7 years ago#4
Well, I saw more of them when I was driving it. I ended up taking it after I completed the mission and saved it at Luis' apartment. I think there's probably some other way to get it.
PSN: MercuryEQ

User Info: 101TheBoss

7 years ago#5
You always find rare cars during Drug Wars.
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User Info: lFcps3yo

7 years ago#6

You do know theres a spawn point for the sultan RS?

User Info: DynoNobel

7 years ago#7

^ yea we all knew that but decided to discuss it as if we didn't anyway :roll:

User Info: supergamerman

7 years ago#8
the run down mansion at the north-east end of alderney has one parked behind the 4-door garage. the spawn points are all the same as in gtaIV...

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