Out Of Range?

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User Info: Flonne_N_Etna

7 years ago#1

Installed this game, played, save, quit.

Played, save, quit.

Then after several days, all of a sudden when i double click the game, it shows out of range on the monitor.
I am pretty sure its running, I can hear the music.

Can anyone give me a solution?

User Info: spaceeinstein

7 years ago#2
Create a file called "commandline.txt" inside EFLC's folder and inside it type "-safemode" (with no quotes). This should reset all your settings to the lowest.
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User Info: Flonne_N_Etna

7 years ago#3
Oh my, it worked. Thank you, I searched on google and no one seems to have the same problem as me. Einstein indeed.

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