2K11 Jump Shooting Mechanics

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User Info: trackmacb

6 years ago#1

Does anyone have any info. on 2K11 jump shooting mechanics, whether or not they would be changing like EA. I like the skill base shooiting approach EA is taking. I think by far 2K is the better b-ball game. I was just thinking though it would be nice if you had more of a control your shooting fate.

User Info: skibxskatic

6 years ago#2
are we talkin about the shooting mechanic that 2k's always had? or do you mean the off-shot-bank-shot? 2k incorporated the shot stick back in what... 2k7 i think... 2k7 or 2k8. same year they incorporated isomotion

User Info: trackmacb

6 years ago#3

I was speaking of how Elite now lets you gage the power and direction into how you execute a jump shot. I was wondering if 2K would be incorporating something similar into their jump shooting mechanics, besides just determining whether to bank a shoot off the glass or just pull down on the shot stick for a jump shoot.

User Info: master_cheater1

6 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: OZ_Archangel

6 years ago#5
what do you mean by iso motion shot stick? I always thought you just hold down on the right analogue, and when the shooter is set to release you just flick it up? Or do you have to flick certain directions? For me I just hold and release square because I noticed they are better to go in while you were open but when contested I hold and flick up the right stick.
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User Info: trackmacb

6 years ago#6

See, I wasn't aware that flicking the shoot stick forward would effect the outcome of your shoot. I just know that the 2k manual always refers to the pulling down on the right analogue to execute an standard jump shoot. I'm not sure if you notice what Elites doing. Elites jump shooting now gives you total control over the execution and some what the out come of your jump shooting. If you check out this screen http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/sports/nbalive11/images/0/4/ you'll see that you don't just pull down on the right analogue. You have to push forward, gage the strength behind the shot, and make sure it's aligned in a specifc zone for accuracy. In any event I was just stating I like Elites skill base shooting approach than just shooting and even having perfect release still resulting in misses. I know that happens to me quite often in 2K, contested or none contested.

User Info: raraavis2

6 years ago#7

I like what EA did with shooting controls. Instead of just pressing a button and having a certain amount of chance it was going in or not, you now control it. If you get a perfect flick, you'll get a perfect shot. Off a little, shot is off by a little. In other words, very similary to real life.

User Info: melongstrike

6 years ago#8
My question is with all this focus on O

is there a new defensive mechanic that will allow you to have total control over your block shot attempt?

Looking forward to hearing/seeing more on the game
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