Putback Dunks?

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User Info: XForce23

6 years ago#1
I'm a bit over 50 games into the NBA season with my athletic 7'0 C, with 90 vert, 90 dunk, 85 std. dunk, and 90 offensive board and yet I still have not done a single putback dunk not matter how open I am or how much I'm mashing R2 + Triangle when I'm getting those rebounds.

Anything I'm doing wrong?

User Info: questionmark231

6 years ago#2

You need position, timing, and luck.

First of all, you can't wait right beneath the basket because you can't jump straight up from there. Ideally you should be half a step away from the restricted area so you will have the momentum to sky. But when you attempt a running putback, you can hit the button from as far as 10-12 feet away from the basket depending on your running momentum and your player's athleticism.

Timing is also important. You must press the button between when the ball starts falling down and the moment it hits the rim. Any sooner it's a silly jump, and any later you're getting a rebound.

And last you are gonna need luck too. Not all misses can be putback especially those that hit the front of the rim and bounces back sharply or the ones that bounces towards the glass. Even when it is a perfect bounce, you won't get it if it bounces to the other side of rim. And the most frustrating thing is when it does connect and you see yourself have already started the animation, they can still grab it from you if they are in a good postion to rebound the ball. And you will hear "that jam WOULD'VE been something, keywords being...WOULD'VE". And that happens a lot.

Basically you just need to be patient and practice a lot. My player is only 5'10", and I typically get one or two nasty running putback from beyond the arc every other game. But if you do succeed, besides feeling good, the teamate score reward is huge - offensive rebound, good shot selection, slam dunk, etc.

User Info: XForce23

6 years ago#3
Oh I see, I had no idea that the timing was so much earlier than a normal rebound. I've pulled down many that were the perfect putbacks oppurtunities but I guess my timing was off. Thanks for the response

User Info: TriangleHard

6 years ago#4
You are pressing wrong buttons

It's R2 + SQUARE for putback dunks

User Info: The_Ecstatic329

6 years ago#5
"You are pressing wrong buttons

It's R2 + SQUARE for putback dunks"

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