how do you become the star player on your team-my player

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User Info: braves3526

6 years ago#1
i'm on the knicks (SG for what its worth) and my overall is 89 and and the next highest rating is amare's at 85 and he's a star player and i'm not....what am i missing? do i need to hit 90 or 95 or do i have to make the all-star game? is it random? thanks for any advice

User Info: Waddlez

6 years ago#2
I read that you get the star at 85. I don't know though I'm at 84 right now. I think to get into the all star game you need to have league wide popularity and play well. I started the rookie game and I think I grabbed the last spot for the all star game.

User Info: braves3526

6 years ago#3
yeah its not 85, as far as i know. i'm up to 91 now and still no star. i think it has something to do with how much league wide popularity you have as well. i guess i don't have enough or something. also i highly doubt this but maybe its because i play on pro or whatever the default setting is instead of all-star or hall of fame mode or whatever. i doubt it but you never know

User Info: Facebreakr

6 years ago#4
yea i have my player at 86 and i just have a wing under my guy no star

User Info: pujols4mvp49

6 years ago#5
I could be wrong so don't take this to the bank but I think the star has to do with your contract. I think when you are signed as a star then you will get the star icon under your player. And that won't happen until you sign your first major contract. I don't think it has anything to do with your overall reaching a certain point. Again I can be wrong.
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User Info: wwe_expert

6 years ago#6
I'm an 87 and I have a star under me. It did not come @ 85 though. more like 86.
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User Info: braves3526

6 years ago#7
pujols you're partially right on your contract it will determine what your role is but your role can change. my role right now is starter not star, i want to know how to change my role to star midseason. and i'm positive 85 is the minimum.

User Info: dante21

6 years ago#8
I don't know how it works or how to change it. I'm in my second season for the bulls playing SF. I was in the high 80's overall when I got a star under my name and lost the 3. I just remember one game I had a the 3 icon under my name for 3 point shooter, then the next I had a star. I'm not adding much on how to get it, but how I got it.
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  3. how do you become the star player on your team-my player

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