help i cant steal

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User Info: wackiewackie

6 years ago#1
anyone have any tips on how to pull off steals ? i cant seem to get a rip with someone with the ball. but i can steal passes. any help would be nice

User Info: pitter20

6 years ago#2
stealing the ball is really tough in this game. i notice the same thing, try to do it more on big men or bad ball handlers.

User Info: wackiewackie

6 years ago#3
its insanely hard, this has to be the hardest basketball game to steal in EVER

User Info: wackiewackie

6 years ago#4
no tips ? all the so called experts out there

User Info: mario_pot

6 years ago#5
I never perform on the ball steals intentionally, I always assume that happens depending on your players on the ball defense skill and defensive awareness. I get most of my steals standing just outside of a passing lane and right as the other team passes the ball I reach in to tip it. usually it results in a tipped pass that becomes a steal but sometimes they just yank the ball out of the air.
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User Info: DSLust03

6 years ago#6
When you cut a guy off defensively and stop his dribble, there is a point where you can hold sprint and hit steal and you'll burst under the offensive player and rip the ball.

It works best against big guys when you're a strong perimeter defender. With Rajon Rondo, once I stop a guy by cutting off his dribble and he starts like stutter dribbling, hit the steal button and you'll get a rip. My tops is 8 steals with Rondo but I've also only been playing for a week or so. (new to the game but not the series)
It's a Canes thing, you wouldn't understand.

User Info: wackiewackie

6 years ago#7
iv got my Jordan with maxed out on ball def and steals and i still cnat seem to get a steal, but il try some of your guys tips. thanks for all who posted

User Info: MountainChicken

6 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Roarkaz

6 years ago#9
Have 80ish+ in steals and just go after big men/forwards. I just ripped the ball from Blake Griffin 3-4 times in 1 game.

Only way other than hanging in pass routes. Your not taking the ball from a decent PG or even SG.

User Info: Paradox313

6 years ago#10
How many on ball steals do you see in the NBA?

Not many.
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