things you all are hoping for...

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User Info: moogle69

7 years ago#1
i don't own a WII right now but i would like to in the future with SSBB, metroid other M and this and overall others as well.

any way i am hoping this game will have my fave rpg elements such as....

-good story (of course)
-good fast paced battle system (e.g. golden sun series and the ff series, dragon quest)
-summoning system (its a must for any rpgs imo)
-unique character or job classes
-lots and lots of side quests (i like my good rpgs to have a long lasting experience)
-unique character growth system and lots of customisation
-unique battle system (lost odyssey tried with the GDC and rings but it made the game too slow)

now what are you looking forward to in this?

User Info: indg_nt_judgmnt

7 years ago#2
All the tthings you said and some good music.

P.S. how the hell do you not have a Wii or SSBB? And speaking of SSB(4) im pretty sure we'll see represetaion of this game in the next SSB (if this game does great).

There are 2 types of people, one who believes that Everything was created from Nothing. The other believes that Nothing created Everything. FESD FC:378144653097

User Info: castrejon04

7 years ago#3
You forgot:

-Memorable towns and places
-The time period should be similar to FFIX world (no futuristic crap like FFXIII)
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User Info: indg_nt_judgmnt

7 years ago#4
^thatnks for reminding me.

I hope this game isnt futuristic, i want this game to be MEDIEVAL (like Zelda or fire Emblem) since nintendo already has more futuristic games over medieval........Xenoblade is going to be futuristic anyways.

There are 2 types of people, one who believes that Everything was created from Nothing. The other believes that Nothing created Everything. FESD FC:378144653097

User Info: Froo

7 years ago#5
Awesome Uematsu soundtrack... he's gotten his mojo back in the last few years.

User Info: Mastersword7

7 years ago#6
I'm hoping for a JRPG that breaks or subverts all the rules of the genre, tearing down each convention and rebuilding it from scratch into something new and wonderful.

Failing that, I suppose some strong characterization would do.
"I wondered why somebody didn't do something. Then I realized, I am somebody."--unknown

User Info: Black_Boxx

7 years ago#7
I would like:

1. A decently creative story. It doesn't have to be 100% unique or groundbreaking, but please, please, PLEASE lay off the justice fiend hero who must to the right thing at all times, and tries to save everyone (even the jerky villain who just tried to melt the hero's childhood friend's face), protect everything, and is too dense to pick up on the female lead's romantic feelings leading to very unfunny humor... Some normal, credible, realistic heroes would be awesome. Maybe even make the characters adults (*GASP*)... Not likely? Oh well. Worth a shot.

2. Balanced gameplay. If the game features the typical melee, defense, speed, magic type characters, please make sure each playstyle is balanced. Melee should not be dealing the most damage simply because they have to get in close. Mages die much faster, typically have cast times which makes them slower, usually have a limit to how often/much they can use their skills and yet many games still decide they should deal less damage because they can be far away. The opposite is also true. Magic should not be so powerful that melee characters are a waste of a party slot.

3. Good writing, or an appropriate translation. I'm well aware that Japanese and English have phrases that just don't exist in the other, but there is always a way to convey the same basic thought or emotion without relying on the fans to "get" the nuance. If you have to, hire someone who understand English fluently reads the script after its first translation (maybe even for the first translation) and fixes any oddities. Pipe dream, I know, but a dream nonetheless.

4. Good music is always nice. Not really much more I need to say about that.

5. Probably the biggest wish I have for the game; choices that affect things. I'm not talking about KotOR style dialog choices (would be cool, but this is most likely going to fit in with other JRPGs and focus on a predetermined story), but stuff that leads to replay value. Many party members, character building (without the ability to teach every skill to every character), weapon customization, stuff like that.

User Info: neveryuna24

7 years ago#8
i say we have a female lead thought the series then when the last story VI comes out why then have a male lead. how about it
believe in what you can do and anythings possible.
"Believe in the future, persist in the present! That's what I'll do!" Firion FF2

User Info: Lelouch71

7 years ago#9
-A good enough story. It can be cliche so it's handle well.
-A good fast paced battle system
-A mature cast kind of like LO along with a memorable villain
-Good music from Uematsu
-Artistic scenery and background
-Plenty of sidequest
-40-50 hours of normal playtime without sidequest
-No wiimote gimmick besides pointing and pressing
-A cool main character that is mature and is worthy of being a leader
-A dark story
"There is nothing either good or evil, but thinking makes it so"

User Info: Sandylecuistot

7 years ago#10
-summoning system (its a must for any rpgs imo)

With shiva like a motocycle, bahamut like a plane ?
No thanks, I don't want these idiot cinematics.
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