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User Info: eggdrop

5 years ago#1
Is there a way to track the order done on HMV? I preordered my collectors edition and got a email say it shipped but no tracking. Is this sent out standard USPS?

User Info: VulcanSK

5 years ago#2
No, you cant track it and yes it is standard USPS.

User Info: Yaoiloverfei

5 years ago#3
Can you ever track an international package? I ordered a package from another retailer and I got an email confirmation about shipment too but there is no tracking number. If they shipped it by royal mail, it seems there is no tracking of the item which sucks because if your package gets lost; your screwed.
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User Info: VulcanSK

5 years ago#4
You are not screwed. :D In rare case your package is lost, contact them and they refund you money or send you another one.

User Info: kill_ayeka

5 years ago#5
I ordered from HMV too, it makes me anxious not knowing where my package is lol. On their website it said 6-10 days for international shipping, and they shipped mine out on 2/22/12. Hopefully by Thursday... I'll be waiting patiently >_>;
Has anyone received theirs yet? (That imported of course)

User Info: Yaoiloverfei

5 years ago#6
VulcanSK posted...
You are not screwed. :D In rare case your package is lost, contact them and they refund you money or send you another one.

The only problem with that is that sites like HMV require you to wait a certain period, I believe a month before you can file for a refund. This is the reason why I ordered from, so your right. I was exaggerating that you can file for a refund but no other site I found allowed you to file for a refund right away when your importing the game, they required you to wait at least a month at Zavvi and HMV sites. I don't know how long you wait for but there customer service was pretty good, so I think if it doesn't arrive by their average 5-10 days on royal mail then I can file for refund. The only problem is I ordered a limited edition and if the company you ordered from gets sold out, then you won't be able to get another copy.
To look at the world in a different light, look with eyes unclouded by hate.

User Info: ShinChan878

5 years ago#7
Has anyone here from the UK ordered theirs from HMV? I did and mine still hasn't arrive LOL. They sent it on Wed 22nd and its nots Tuesday 29th. The postman just came by but no Last Story. I find it a bit unusual as stuff from HMV usually arrives pretty quickly.

Luckily I don't feel desperate to play this game straight away so I don't mind waiting a bit more lol.

User Info: Tenshi No Shi

Tenshi No Shi
5 years ago#8
My copy shipped out on Tuesday as well and as of today (the 28th) it hasn't arrived. But in fairness it's only been five shipping days (don't count Sundays for USPS) so while I'm anxious, I'm not at all worried.

I've imported a lot of games from all over and I've never once had a problem. However one thing I've learned is the games always tend to arrive on the longer side of the estimate (i.e. it'll likely be closer to ten days before it shows up).
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User Info: Gueston

5 years ago#9
I've never seen anything related to tracking. I pre-ordered my copy after seeing ramsean's post about HMV's LE copy price (thank you for that, btw!). This was around 23rd of January. It shipped out on the 22nd February and I was disappointed to not have my copy on the 24th. It arrived the next morning on the 25th.

Anyway, I hope your copy arrives soon!
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User Info: lutfyy

5 years ago#10
mine was shipped on the 17th and till now nothing

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