Effect dyes?

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User Info: Clemenx

5 years ago#1
I just noticed the effect dyes in the "colours" tab but I haven't seen anything about it ingame in the dye shop or anywhere else. I have the moths effect but I'm not sure if I got it or if is it default.
I'm in chapter 28 how can I get more?
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User Info: BloodCurve

5 years ago#2
They are from online deathmatches, you don't have to place first just get a few points and you should get a effect dye per match.

User Info: Externica

5 years ago#3
You also musn't place the last.
If you only fight against one, there's no chance in receiving an effect dye.

User Info: DarthVivec

5 years ago#4
That's not really true. I've fought some 1vs1 matches and both players received dyes. They were my first two online matches, I won and received some golden butterflies and then lost and received flies. Can't really remember what did the other guy win but they seemed like dyes, too.
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User Info: Clemenx

5 years ago#5
Oh, I see thanks! I haven't really played Deathmatch, just a couple of times must have gotten from it but didn't notice. I didn't really like it though gonna try again when I'm more advanced into the game.
Pokemon Black FC: Clemen - 3482 3731 1700

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