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User Info: Captain_Michael

5 years ago#1
I got 3 Traive I gave one to Serene and Lowell and Zael. I got 2 best weapon for Serene Traive+ 70
and Stranger+ 75

User Info: Shiranui777

5 years ago#2
Lies only dagran and zael can use a traive, gg
Shiranui777Shiranui777Shiranui777Shiranui777Shiranui777 why i lost faith in humanity

User Info: runaway_angels

5 years ago#3
Shiranui777 posted...
Lies only dagran and zael can use a traive, gg

He's probably hacking :/

That probably explains how he got 7 Ancient Alloys in one playthrough without multiplayer.
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I'm only 15, Asian, and female. TLS (PAL) 2924-4011-4435

User Info: syctheweilder

5 years ago#4
OR he could be...i dunno


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