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User Info: eric_larush

7 years ago#1
As a big fan of East India Company I was very excited about this title, and pre-ordered. Now having played few days, I can say that the game is good and fun to play! The graphics seem to be more than enough for a strategy game (not to mention the naval battles!) and the game itself is quite addicting.

My first game went quite well till 1520 when I realised that the first colony you found is quite important =D, sure I was making money but not close enough, but hey, the best way to learn is by playing, right? =D

User Info: razormenacer

7 years ago#2

Yeah, like in most RTS's it's all about getting it right from the beginning, so probably a few restarts are needed until you figure it out.

User Info: eric_larush

7 years ago#3
Just finished a little longer game. Was doing really well untill I got the level 3 upgrades for buildings... Should have paid more attention to upkeep costs, took alot of my wealth in a couple of years until I noticed what drained it...

User Info: AIucard

7 years ago#4
So I started my 2nd game after getting bored of doing trade in the first one and decided to wage war right from the get go. After dumping the initial colony at the closest city spot, I sailed back to London and picked 90 soldiers. Then I went to the nearest colony and attacked it. It had 50 soldiers but I only lost ~20, so I just went to the next colony which also had 50 soldiers and took it also. Then I sailed back to London again and picked up my caravel that I had started construction from the start and loaded up 130 soldiers. Again went to the closest colony which now had 75 soldiers somehow but I still manage to conquer it losing ~30 soldiers.

This process went on and on until there were nearly no colony spots left but the last few ai cities now had more soldiers than I can conveniently conquer.

After that, seeing as the settings were all on hard, I figured oh look I won the game in less than 5 yrs. So yea, that's my first impression. After that it just took out all my motivation to play this game. I mean what's the point in doing all the tedious trade and colonist transfer when you can just take over just about all the colonies from the get go.

P.S. Looking for new alternatives to this game -_-;
preferably one with more balance and depth.

User Info: Seppo75

7 years ago#5
Ok, maybe you won the game that way but it you'll miss on all the fun! :)
I just love the trading aspects of this game, constructing perfect trade routes and upgrading the colonies and if I took over 10 colonies in the beginning of the game, I'd be screwed since there's not enough money for upgrading or even the upkeeps of all those colonies. So you should give it another shot, even though you "won" the game that way. Try to earn your first 10 million perhaps? :)

User Info: Urizen5

7 years ago#6
I just wasn't a fan of some of the goods. If you had a colony that has a product that doesn't have a big chain, it's a money pit. I understand trading between colonies, but i wish there was bigger chains or more products. Hopefully there is more in the full game.

I'm going to go back, and work on the naval battles more. those seemed interesting.
WonderKing-Urizen, AlphaRooster, Saberhagen

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