I really hope THQ doesn't pull a SR3 with this game

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  3. I really hope THQ doesn't pull a SR3 with this game

User Info: LordDamien27

5 years ago#1
Chopping it up into tiny bits to sell back as DLC. THQ has been making some horrible decisions lately and the fact that they already have planned DLC makes me wary. I hope Vigil has enough control over it to not allow that to happen.
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User Info: spongemonkey26

5 years ago#2
The wave of the future for video games is to release incomplete games only to have the "DLC' readilly available on the disk to charge you later to unlock it.
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User Info: benjaminites

5 years ago#3
doesnt sound that way for this game. each of the 4 sections is going to be as big as the entirety of the first game. there is also a pre-order bonus that will give those who pre-order the game the code to download the first DLC for free. this game should be well worth the price.

User Info: Paoksis

5 years ago#4

DLC's are the worst thing to ever happen to the gaming industry

User Info: codisawesome

5 years ago#5
I think dlc's are a good think they allow the company to add extra content if they think of it later.

User Info: green_abobo

5 years ago#6
well we can compromise; and hope for some free dlc, cant we? ;)

speaking of free, wonder if vigil'll be giving away any free games to those that get the "golden ticket"... like last game? ;)

not too many devs/producers do that nowadays.

User Info: FreedanEternal

5 years ago#7
DLC in the sense of true expansions like Oblivion's Shivering Isles or DA:O's Awakening, I am perfectly fine with.

But when it feels like they're denying access to stuff that should be in the game anyway, I get irriated.

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User Info: joshua_nash

5 years ago#8
Freedan the Eternal i completely agree with you, dlc should be like what DA:O and oblivion did, but what usually get is small pieces of **** that barely last an hour, hopefully this changes in the future though that is just wishful thinking
GT: joshua nash
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  3. I really hope THQ doesn't pull a SR3 with this game

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