Longevity of the Darksides series

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User Info: kyro102

5 years ago#1
I really like the idea of the Darksiders series and though the first game didnt make much sense I have high hopes for DS2, HOWEVER...

I'm not quite sure that this series can make it all the way to DS4; it doesnt seem to have that big a fanbase or that strong a storyline.

Please discuss
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User Info: Abyss89

5 years ago#2
What is wrong with the storyline? i thought it was quiet good.
And also it turns out the first game sold really well so it would have many fans imo however i don't people found the first game to ground breaking, only to be an enjoyable solid game which didn't get the bat s*!t crazy fanboys that other series have.
Darksiders 2 imo will be the sink or swim for the series if 2 gets the fans and sells well then i see the series going on.
But i don't think there will be a 4th game i think they will only make 3 having the last 2 riders together in the 3rd. Hopefully not but i cause i really liked the first game and a 4th would be good.
We will see when the game comes out to how the series future looks.
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User Info: Paoksis

5 years ago#3

im not sure it is intented to have 4 sequels....Yea the riders of the apocalypse are there and they are 4,but that doesnt say much....for example,i have a feeling that DS3 will be with either War or Death again

User Info: kyro102

5 years ago#4
They intentionally changed the last two riders from the book of revelations Conquest (or popularly confused with Pestilence) and Famine riders to Strife and Fury. This points, imo, to there being 4 games
Congratulations. Your statement has officially made me lose faith in humanity

User Info: spongemonkey26

5 years ago#5
The idea i get from the ending of Darksiders one is in Darksiders three we will get to play as all four horsemen. Darksiders two runs concurrent with Darksiders one.
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User Info: MetalSonicSword

5 years ago#6
The story made perfect sense, if it was too much for you, that's another matter
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User Info: green_abobo

5 years ago#7
they gotta do all four!!!!!

ill buy em.

really interested to see what samael is REALLY up to...!?

User Info: apolloooo

5 years ago#8
imo the series is solid. solid gameplay, solid story, solid characters and good sales . unless DS 2 flops (which is unlikely) i believe this will be a long running series
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User Info: jannedaarc1

5 years ago#9
This is a good topic and one that I brough up over a year ago in Darksiders 1 board.

I am extremely excited about D2. I just preordered it over lunch. With that said, I doubt if the series will make it for four games. And, might I add, there is an argument to be made for a fifth game where they all come together for a final Big Fight.

What I really would have preferred is a game where you co-op as all four horsemen but you control them through different sections of the game. And when I say co-op, you play by yourself but perhaps there are certain areas reachable by one horseman or another. I dont know, maybe it would be lame, but it could make for a very cool and unique gaming experience to play through multiple areas with different characters and you choose which one you'll take into the final battle.

I also wonder what the story will be. Samael is up to no good but it does not sound like, from what areas it sounds like Death will be exploring, that Samael will be the arch nemesis. Obviously no way to tell for sure yet.
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