customization of death...

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User Info: green_abobo

5 years ago#1
saw it on on spiketv, early yesterday morning.showed actual in game footage too. we will be able to customize alot with the main character, basically play him the way you want to. something we couldnt do at all last game.

not sure, but guessing it'll be like melee type, magic type, or item type. you basically choose, and then you get different skill trees (to buy skills for) depending on what you pick. not sure if you can change your mind after that. i imagine "jack of all trades" wont be as powerful as a more specific character builds, as common sense would indicate.

the producer says there'll be alot more of an rpg element throughout darksiders 2.

the graphics look pretty sic. big guardian bosses to fight, etc.

looks like megrim is gone, its the big guy you got the gun from last game. the forge guy. forgot his name. its been along time.

User Info: vgman94

5 years ago#2
(For readers who didn't see GT TV: Spoiler alert!)
The customization seems very similar to the PC Fate series. There's even an 'Elite" and "Enchanted" version of the Slayer Gloves you can get. It's extremely similar and the townspeople have a similar feel. I actually like the idea of fusing those elements with Darksiders. If done right, the game could be amazing and if you can download new dungeons, it'd make the game last a lot longer. I agree. the Guardian boss and the graphics look immense. Surely THE game of the Summer this year. I can't wait.

PS: Vulgrim is the name you're thinking of and it's the merchant you buy things from. The gun you get is from Ulthane, one of the species called Makers (other members of which you'll meet in Darksiders II). I'm not being a grammar nazi. I just want to refresh your memory.
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