79 employees laid-off from Vigil games.

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  3. 79 employees laid-off from Vigil games.

User Info: spongemonkey26

5 years ago#1
Due to a restructuring of the Warhammer MMO to another genre. Hope this doesn't effect Darksiders 2.

GT: Kilo in NorCal

User Info: JohnnyboySP

5 years ago#2
The game is a little under 3 months from releasing, it's mostly done.

Layoffs very well could affect the future of the series though.
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User Info: MonkeyMan9966

5 years ago#3
It was a wise move to lay those people off. They cancelled the MMO and are converting it to a single player game with some multiplayer stuff included. IMO that's smart. An MMO would have ruined them. 99% of MMO's are failures. There's no way they could have competed with WoW or Star Wars. It's a GOOD THING for their business that they did that. It shows that they're actually trying to stay around.
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  3. 79 employees laid-off from Vigil games.

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