Delayed until August

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User Info: Galilee138

5 years ago#1

While I'd always rather a release is delayed until the game is ready, this is really disappointing from a sales potential standpoint. Historically, June is a better month for game sales than August. July is always light so on AAA releases, so a hot June title can ride high for a couple months before the big fall releases. August is tough because there are just so many titles released immediately after the month.

This June, in particular, would have been great for DS2, as the rest of the month is light on major releases (Spec Ops, Lollipop Chainsaw, Spiderman and Inversion is really all the "big" titles that are releasing). Darksiders could have ruled the roost.

User Info: kyle78

5 years ago#2
Confirmed.... Though technically, this should have already been released.
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User Info: wwinterj25

5 years ago#3
I'm fine with this but if it gets delayed again I'd be worried. Most the time when games get delayed a lot the finished product is a mess.

I do agree with you TC. Sales wise June would have been better as there is nothing out in June that I can think of.
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User Info: Lucifer_Angel

5 years ago#4
Crap, I was just watching Xplay and saw this at the bottom of the screen, I don't wanna wait till August was looking forward to it in June.
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User Info: ironmaidenfan70

5 years ago#5
aww june was my birthday and that was my present, oh well 100 bucks saved for august.
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User Info: spongemonkey26

5 years ago#6
probably shouldn't have fired those employees then.
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User Info: Paoksis

5 years ago#7

you are dissapointed that this game will sell less in August than in June?What kind of logic is this?


and what the hell are you anyway? the sales manager on THQ?


this game should be delayed as long as it has for it to be good,release date is irrelevant for me.If this games sells 1 million copies more or 1 million copies less is totally indifferent to me and to anyone with common sense

User Info: Elemental Fusion

Elemental Fusion
5 years ago#8

From: Paoksis | #007
If this games sells 1 million copies more or 1 million copies less is totally indifferent to me and to anyone with common sense

That's not entirely true. If a game sells too low below expectations, you can forget about seeing any further future installments.
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User Info: sonicteam2k1

5 years ago#9
THQ is dead, mark my words. This is going to really drop their stock. Investors don't like things like this.
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