So darksiders 1 or 2?

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User Info: savage_d

5 years ago#1
Now that Ive finished the game Ive realized something, for as good as darksiders 2 is I think I liked the original better.

In the end darksiders 2's plot could not have been better than that of 1 since it must happen around the same time and can not unravel whats happened in the last game hence whats the point.

Alot of the new elements are great but I feel the loot can really unbalance the game. Once you craft a good possessed weapon there is really no need for a secondary weapon and all the legendary gear, downloadable or otherwise, becomes junk in 5 lvls. Heck I got the collectors edition and all that death gear was useless by the time I reached level 7.

The combat looks better but honestly it doesnt feel better, I miss the autolock in combat I dont like holding down LT makes combat more awkward. Not to mention is it just me or is deaths dodge kinda crappy, I always seem to dodge into an enemy attack, maybe thats just me thought.

Overall this game does do alot of of things great, sidequests, leveling an rpg tree, but the lack of polish and being well i guess more diablo in my eyes hurt the game some.

This is just my opinion Im curious to see what everyone else things.

User Info: amusingOne

5 years ago#2
I'm only about 10 hours in, but so far it's not near as good as 1. The pacing is really bad. Like in the first one you were always getting interesting new upgrades that kept you motivated to continue, but so far all I have are generic found weapons and a gun. The loot doesn't really add anything. The skills seem to be more, but they're also pretty boring for the most part(at least on the necro side)

User Info: GOLD_sonic

5 years ago#3
Yeah, I'm three hours in and I feel as though nothings happened. The Cauldron was a laughably easy "dungeon" if it was meant to be one. This game feels more like if God of War crossed with Diablo 3. Problem is that I don't like the Diablo games. Too much time spent picking up loot and equipping things. Feels very slow. Not to mention all the glitches and general lack of polish. (I died by a glitch within the first three minutes of gameplay when a room didn't load and I once got stuck in the level's geometry and had to restart my console.
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User Info: topgamer101

5 years ago#4
The exploration is fun and the amount of dungeons and side bosses is neat, but like was stated the pacing is a bit off. Also the amount of fetch quests can get a tad bothering.

Still love it though, fun game.
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User Info: The_Djoker

5 years ago#5
beat it, i'm sorry but it's head and shoulders above the first game.

User Info: MightyBaconX

5 years ago#6
It's so much better than darksiders 1 that I am at a loss of words to even describe it...

2 all the way.

User Info: GenTR

5 years ago#7
MightyBaconX posted...
It's so much better than darksiders 1 that I am at a loss of words to even describe it...

2 all the way.

Yeah honestly there's nothing about ds1 that's better then ds2, especially after having just played through ds1 again and being bored beyond belief to finish it. Some of these people have the nostalgia goggles in full effect. Ds1 also had its fair share of bugs and glitches so I can't even give it that over ds2.

User Info: DartDragoon

5 years ago#8
The only thing so far that I don't like in DS2 is the fact that the RPG elements pretty much crushed the very nice and refreshing Zelda elements.

Balancing a game around stats isn't the same as balancing a game around pre-determined attributes. Which can make the game way too easy or way too hard. Also, the chests are completely useless. When I saw a big treasure chest in DS1, I know I was in for some heart container or a relic for my weapons, something AWESOME. Because of that, I hunted down every single one of them.

But in maps are full of unopened chests and seriously...who cares ? It's only gonna be some crappy loot that i'll just sell
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#9
the onyl thing i feel is worse is that this one has a much worse sense of padding. outside of that all of its individual mechanics are better. I also(so far) liked the first games story, but then i havnt beaten 2 yet. Overall i am enjoying 2 more than i did with 1. im surprised how much the rpg mechanics are adding to my enjoyment.
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User Info: Link_of_time

5 years ago#10
So far I'm enjoying 2, but I think 1 left me with way better impression. The story presentation just seems like no one really cares about anything that's going on, and it makes feel kind of the same. Having different skins in for the weapons is plus and it' one thing yearning for in 1. In 1 they're are considerably less "dungeons", but each one was significant with it's own design. The bosses have kind of the same problem. They all seem to be the second string bosses in design. My opinion could easily change as I've only just started act 2.
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