free possessed weapons for all leave your gamertags

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User Info: Joshloveskatie

4 years ago#1
i will give you free possessed weapons leave your GTs and ill add you and give you possessed weapons and depending on how many people do this depends on how many you get so be quick =)

User Info: Wrecktal_traumA

4 years ago#2
GT: Bruised Ovaries. Thanks!
People like me because I force them to. With violence!

User Info: effs420

4 years ago#3
GT: MisterE420 thank you sir
I even poked my eye out and let my cat scratch my chest up, shaved my head and now I'm looking for a homeless asian guy to brutalize over and over. --EyeofSagat

User Info: Mason_Cain

4 years ago#4
Tevinter Archon

Need something to get through Apocalyptic Crucible with :D
I am the Tevinter Archon!

User Info: mindflare7000

4 years ago#5
mindflare77. Thanks!
I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.
GT: mindflare77

User Info: joshua_nash

4 years ago#6
gamertag is my sig, btw i'd love a glaive and scythes
GT: joshua nash

User Info: TonyMontana916

4 years ago#7
Scarface1 please and thank you :)
My Big Boss Emblem, Achieved 6/21/2008
3DS FC = 2277 6647 0831

User Info: OANST

4 years ago#8
My bowels hurt.

User Info: Nosna616

4 years ago#9
"n00b, troll, and idiot compressed into one! That's it! Your a...a....nr0lldiot!!!" - Sparx401
Chaotic Pro Wrestling:
(message deleted)
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