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User Info: flaremmm

4 years ago#1
I'm playing this on the Wii U but that board seems to be dead, I'd imagine it'd be more or less the same on xbox though so:

So once i complete the game (mainstream story) is that the end of my save file? as in am i forced to start new game + and overwrite my save file? or do i close/lock my file in some way after entering those gates?

Basically there are a few sidequests I've yet to finish, but i don't want to do them all before i take on the final boss, i'd like to see the ending etc. then go back finish off the quests, is that possible?

Also is there a good way to level after around 20? I'd imagine if i finished all the side-quests i might be around 24 (cept crucible which doesn't seem to give xp) and well 25 seems like the best level to go for the latter stages (due to gear etc.)

Also no spoilers please
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User Info: Hak

4 years ago#2
First playthrough you're level capped at 22. Once you defeat the final boss you can choose to start a NG+, or reload your previous save and do all the sidequests, though you can't access the final part of Crucible until you're on a NG+ anyway (level 25 required to access).
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User Info: flaremmm

4 years ago#3
ah okay thanks.
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