THQ dissolved, and bought by different companies, no signs of darksiders :(

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User Info: MaxFahrenheit

4 years ago#11
Grave2k posted...
Mason_Cain posted...
I predicted this before launch when a long time friend and colleague was made redundant as a games rep from THQ, saying DS2 would be the nail in THQs coffin. They spent WAY too much money promoting it instead of developing it, and an awful reception by consumers killed them.

It was UDraw that killed THQ not Darksiders. Get your facts straight kid.

i don't think he was saying that Darksiders 2 drove THQ into the ground... rather that DS2 could have saved THQ if the release would have been managed more efficiently and the game properly polished before being released in a state that very quickly allowed DS2 to get the stigma of being a glitch fest. it feels like THQ was in panic mode, someone money guy was desperate to get money coming in, and blew it by being impatient.

DS2 didn't put THQ in the coffin, it just sealed them there. the straw that broke the camel's back, if you prefer. either way, UDraw is still my enemy for bringing DS down with it.... even if there is still a chance for 3 through a different organization

User Info: Bitaku

4 years ago#12
I don't think Darksiders 2, in any condition, could have saved THQ. They've been grasping at straws for over a year now, and even the acclaim and money they got from Saint's Row 3 couldn't help them. They were trying to hold out until March when Company of Heroes 2, Metro, and the South Park RPG came out to get them back on track, but even if they had lasted until then I think they'd still be screwed.
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User Info: Ice Weasel

Ice Weasel
4 years ago#13
Merc123 posted...
I can't believe Homefront and Metro 2033 found new publishers but Darksiders couldn't. What a effing joke.

Homefront sucked but it did sell very well, (broke THQ pre-order records). Plus it's a first-person shooter. You knew it was going to survive.

User Info: Darth Venger

Darth Venger
4 years ago#14
Was it the manufacturing costs of the actual uDraw tablet that did it? The actual uDraw games looked low budget.

It's a shame that mid tier games (1-3 million sellers for example) like Darksiders can't turn a profit. We have lost a lot of developers because their games were not blockbusters. I really miss Pandemic. It fell victim to the mid tier curse. Saboteur was a really good game. I also liked both Mercenary games.
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User Info: Hak

4 years ago#15
Mason_Cain posted...
I work in gaming and by you shouting kid I'll wager I'm probably twice your age. Bless.

Anyone can state that on the internet. I could say that I'm actually the CEO of EA if I wanted. Doesn't make it true. If you worked in gaming, and wanted people to take you seriously, your account would be "VIP" flagged.
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