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User Info: MaxFahrenheit

4 years ago#1
just wanted to say thank you to vigil. i FINALLY got this and was able to start playing it this week. i just made it into the 2nd world and this game is outstanding!

i did tons of research and was severely rooting for it on launch day and it just kind of makes me feel a bit sad. this feels like a fantastic game that was kind of ruined by business. a game this smooth and fun should NOT be hampered by an exaggerated number of dlc packs available on launch. launch day consumers got a bit more but... this shouldn't be the way gamers are treated and i severely hope Vigil gets bought to continue their franchise. this game surprised the hell out of me (and i have 1000gs on the original), i really would like to see more if we can be blessed with it.

i am fully aware this didn't contribute anything new. thank you for your time

User Info: RedMatador

4 years ago#2
I'm so sorry for Vigil Games...

According to the news about THQ's bankruptcy, Crytek has some of Vigil Games employees, others went to other companies, which means... Vigil Games is dead mate.

Now, there has been some arguments about other companies wanting to buy the franchise, but there's no news yet.
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User Info: Th__Gaming

4 years ago#3
One does hope that we will at least see 4 games, or a sort of conclusion to the whole thing, without reboots and crappy takes on what has been a lovely series.

What kicks ass is this is one of very few new IPs in this generation, It was bold and had it own style, greatly inspired by Zelda but mostly its own. I love it, shame to see it go. Hopefully we will see horses ride again =). - The hardcore philosophy.

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#4
Looks like the Crytek USA employess from Vigil may have talked the company into giving them another shot at the title
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