Nightmare Mode revealed

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User Info: leviathan SP

leviathan SP
5 years ago#1

Super-duper hard difficulty. If you die in combat, thats IT. Start aaaaaaaallll the way over. Definitely not for the weak hearted.
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User Info: gamefan190

5 years ago#2
DMC people are gonna love this mode.
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User Info: Froodjakle

5 years ago#3
Dear sweet jesus. I never play Hardcore mode in games, but.. I think I'm going to have to make an exception this one time. At least environmental deaths don't count, this just means combat is going to be insanely intense, so..

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User Info: IhateMelvin

5 years ago#4

Start all the way over...

I'm gonna have to try it... if I can master this game that is...
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User Info: hoagie727

5 years ago#5
I wonder if there is a trophy for this?

If there is this will be one rare Platinum.

User Info: Gmoney-

5 years ago#6
I'm sure it's not as hard as it sounds. Probably just lots of dodging.
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User Info: SirChar0B

5 years ago#7
The masochists must be overjoyed.
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User Info: RockSauron

5 years ago#8
hoagie727 posted...
I wonder if there is a trophy for this?

If there is this will be one rare Platinum.

The trophy list was already leaked and there wasn't one for this, so no, this isn't required for platinum.
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Oh good, if it's just combat, I should be fine. I was actually more concerned about trying to jump down somewhere and grab a chest, only to miss and go "splat!" somewhere further down. Glad that won't be an issue.
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User Info: jesseCheech

5 years ago#10
It CANNOT be as hard as the Deadspace 2 "Nightmare" mode.
Holy S***balls.
But since this mode is in the game I'm assuming you get some kind of super secret weapon or something for completing it! :D
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