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User Info: Sunken808

5 years ago#11
belgerix posted...
Sunken808 posted...
I'm pretty sure i figured it out. When you upgrade possessed weapons with the talisman equipped you get more xp from common items.

Did you take two of the same items and feed them to a possessed weapon? If it gives more experience, could it possibly up how much of a benefit it gets?

I equipped the talisman and feed my possessed axe a white item. There was a a little white bar that showed how much XP i'll get, but there was also a black bar next to the white bar. I feed the item and i got 1/3 through the bar. I hope I explained that right. It basically increases the xp value from white items for possessed weapons. I haven't done enough testing to see if it works with blues and purples, and if increases stat growth from them.

User Info: belgerix

5 years ago#12
Ah. Well still, regular items will increase the damage the axe has, maybe the talisman gave that damage a bit of a boost, maybe not. And Ive noticed that black bar before, but Ive always kinda ignored it ><
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User Info: Sunken808

5 years ago#13
yeah the black bar is how much more xp your getting from having the talisman equipped.

User Info: SuperTeddyDad

5 years ago#14
I tested the Possessed weapons gain more EXP from white items and the exp gain seems to be the same with or with out the amulet on =/

I looked around on line more thought and people are saying they are seeing an increase in possessed weapon drops with the amulet on though. So maybe it turns ordinary weapon drops into possessed weapon drops?

I have not tried it yet but I am going too though.

User Info: Sunken808

5 years ago#15
Confirmed this talisman increases possossed weapon drops. I tryed it on the weapon racks at death tome 1 and got a possossed weapon from each rack.

User Info: Dimascus

5 years ago#16
I get the black bar without it equipped. If you move around to quick say going from a purple lv15 to a white lv7. You will see a black bar behind the white that is the same size as what the purple lv15 would have gave you.

I think it is the game not updating the bar. Maybe it only cycles onChange; and not checking inside the game loop. Thus not constantly updating the white bar to show how much you get.

Simple explanation: black bar is a graphical bug/glitch
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User Info: Sunken808

5 years ago#17
The talisman doesn't help upgrading possessed weapons. It helps getting them. I've confirmed this myself. The weapon racks seem to have the highest chance of getting them with the talisman equipped. I farmed the weapon racks in death tome 1 and got at least one each time. Sometimes all the racks would drop possessed weapons.

User Info: rugahboi

5 years ago#18
What it does is replace common weapons with possessed ones. That's why you're more likely to get a possessed weapon from a weapon rack, because common weapons fall from those often.
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