Missed Stalker's Bone

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User Info: Sash24601

5 years ago#1
So the first time I ran The Cauldron I had failed to talk to the Shaman and get the Talisman quest. When I finally did, it turns out I need a Stalker's Bone, and the game tells you it is in the Cauldron. I remember killing one the first time, but subsequently returning yields no respawning enemies of any kind. Anyone know how I can get this thing to repop?

User Info: Realityczech717

5 years ago#2
If you head toward the drenchfort, there are a bunch of stalkers roaming around in the area before you actually walk up to the fort itself. That's where I got mine.

User Info: Psych716

5 years ago#3
Hopefully it'll let you get a stalker bone off any stalker.
There's one in the side-dungeon before you even reach the cauldron, if you didn't go there. Not in the Scar...it's on the way through Weeping or Bane, there's a watery pass with a wallclimb spot on your left (assuming you're going from Tristone) and if you climb up the wall you can see a Skeleton Door. If you didn't do that the first time you were there, I'd try that. Otherwise, just keep playing. You're SURE to see more.
Although...now that I think about it. .SPOILERS??

When you see a "Stinger Hive" or something like that on your way to Drenchfort...you might want to NOT fight it. The bugs that thing spawns are Item 2. Although overworld enemies do seem to respawn...
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