stuck in ivory citadel

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User Info: Rydis-Shiko

4 years ago#1
can't seem to get past this, not even finding a way in faqs. I am at the base of the tower where you rcharge a portal on the wall and one on ground and launch yourself outside to continue up the tower. However..there is a gate blocking the way..and I can't find out how to take it down.
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User Info: kirklmatty

4 years ago#2
im stuck on the portal puzzle where theres two portal walls that you an move up and down, or split your soul to move them both..

dust doesn't help much.. hes more of a directional guide than a puzzle solver.

edit: nvm i got it.
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User Info: OZ_Archangel

4 years ago#3
youtube is the best guide for these portal maps. I remember in the first game and this I was lost with the portals so I just retraced the steps of the youtube uploader. It was much easier than reading faqs or posting topics. I also hate this part, earth was boring and now another portal map just garbage.
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User Info: dragongod001

4 years ago#4
@Rydis: u have to hold down R2 and get a charged portal on the ground. a regular portal works just fine on the wall. that should throw u up and outside.

@Kirk: go down to where the lightning orb thingy is in the mini tower and set a portal there. then set one up top where the two cranks are, on the side of the mini tower. put the soul split between the top portal and the closest crank. turn the closest crank with one death and switch. take the other down to the bottom and shoot a portal through the currently set portals to get one one the other slab that can be lowered with the further crank. reset ur soul split so that both slabs are up. there should be a portal on the mini tower and one one the furthest slab. shoot a charged portal through the tower one to get it on the closest slab to the mini tower. switch death's, pull the furthest crank. switch death's, set another portal back on the tower and jump through.
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