how is the player progression in the franchise mode?

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User Info: Ushman1

7 years ago#1

User Info: HuangGai

7 years ago#2
Stupid as ever, I posted this in another topic but it sums it up well.

Typically players improve based on their potential and their stats for the season, though I doubt those are the only reasons.

I picked up Arthur Moats via trade (JMU Duke here) and he has a B potential. Four years into franchise and he's been to the pro bowl once and put up respectable numbers (80+ tackles, 7+ sacks) every year at OLB and he's still a 78 overall. His last year he went to the Pro Bowl (90 tackles, 15 sacks) and none of his stats improved, which is killing me as OLB is my weakest defensive unit (him and Clint Sintim (former classmate) both put up Ware/Spencer-lite numbers and are stuck at 78 overall). So something else has to be factoring into it.

Other players who have decent seasons but A potentials skyrocket at an early age. I had an offensive lineman who spent half the season out with injury and the other half being awful shoot up 4 points overall (80-84 or something). I've had other players who went to the pro bowl and won OROTY not budge an inch with a B potential (78, where he stayed until I accidentally drafted a better QB in the third or fourth a few years later, then I traded him).

So age, stats, and overall play varying degrees of impact on a player's progression. As a player gets older, his overall increase will slow down and eventually turn into fairly large decreases. His potential is probably the biggest part in his progression, and somehow stats end up being somewhere between something of a contributor and just numbers.
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User Info: Ushman1

7 years ago#3
this sucks, i was hoping it was better. i got b potential at re who has 5 sacks and int for a td so thought he would shoot up

User Info: polishgod

7 years ago#4
What would you expect from EA? A progression system that makes sense?

User Info: king_madden

7 years ago#5
i dont think ive ever played a game where the progression system was something everyone could agree with and everyone liked. Heck ive never played a game thats like that.

User Info: robd42

7 years ago#6
Kinda broken, unless you buy all their extra horse pucky. Which is why they shove that stuff up our yangs. I wont pay extra. And when they have competition next year because of losing the monopoly with the players union, I will celebrate by buying the competitors product.
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User Info: king_madden

7 years ago#7
sorry rob you're wrong and misinformed, EA doesnt have a monopoly, they havent lost anything with the players union not sure where you got that from, and even the recent lawsuit saying the NFL isnt a single entity doesnt affect EA, plus their contract doesnt even end until 2012.

which they will more than likely renew it.

plus even though its not the exact same people, the NFL might look at how 2k does with its mlb2k series and see how horrible that is and might be afraid to let them have exclusive control.

Its funny no one says anything about 2k monopoly with MLB even though thats the worst sports game out imo.

User Info: skylinethug29

7 years ago#8
Why doesn't anyone say 2k has a monopoly on MLB? Uh....because they don't HAVE a monopoly?
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User Info: king_madden

7 years ago#9
they have as much of a monopoly on MLB that madden has on the NFL, as you can see a company like EA cant make a MLB game why do you think they stopped?? only i believe they are called 1st party company like sony (not sure thats what they are so dont hold it on me), so in short sony could make an NFL game, but a company like 2k cant.

not sure of all the correct terms but its something along those lines.

User Info: wyndex

7 years ago#10
seriously dude? Espn2k came into the market at $20 dollars new, was acclaimed to be better than madden so ea bought a contract with the nfl to ensure only they could make a football game that has anything to do with the nfl
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