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User Info: DemonicWorm

6 years ago#1
Is the timing different in this years madden. I have been crushing people almost everyplay in previous maddens with the hitstick but can't seem to crush anyone in 11 Rb just bounce off of you 90% of the time

User Info: Darkness3389

6 years ago#2
That's run defense for you in Madden 11 on All Madden difficulty. It just seems like you can throw 5 different players on Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson or LaDainian Tomlinson and they just bounce off. The running back tackling in this game is real bad.
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User Info: Womackd

6 years ago#3
The hit stick animations aren't nearly as pronounced as years passed, which i miss. I have only done it once thus far, and a weird animation takes place as the screen shakes. Just another change not for the better in this game.

As far as the rush defense. I have played about a dozen offline games and 1 online game an have yet to give up 100 yards rushing. I'm extactic that there is actually down field blocking and second tier blocking in this game. Now the running game is viable and it's not always a shotgun shootout fest online.

I think pass defense is an actual problem though, its def. not on par with NCAA.

User Info: suicide machine

suicide machine
6 years ago#4
ive played a few games of madden after playing a bunch of ncaa 11. if its like ncaa, in ncaa they said its harder to get a solid hit stick tackle now. you have to have it perfectly lined up and i think you need a decent head of steam going into it. otherwise, if youre slightly off, its easier to miss or roll off. ive noticed this in ncaa and noticed it a bit in madden. with guys who are known to be big hitters, if you have a good sprint and line it up perfectly, you will get a nasty looking hit and the screen shakes. you cant just get really close to a guy and flick the stick and get sucked in to a big tackle animation, anymore.

at least, that what it seems like.
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User Info: WarLord22418

6 years ago#5
This is one of the few things I'm not complaining about. While the animations still needs tremendous improvement, I feel like there is no more hit sticking people when your not even facing them (like in previous years), so at least that's one good thing...
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User Info: cs0875

6 years ago#6

The hit stick is more risk/reward. If you hit them right with the hit stick they will go down and have a better chance to fumble, but if you miss, they break it easier. Use the X to wrap them up, you are less likely to get that big hit or fumble, but it is more about fundamentals.

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