***F0reverZero's EXPERT Madden 11 Sliders***

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User Info: F0reverZero

7 years ago#1
Hey guys, I noticed that there wasn't any sliders available on the board, so I thought I'd post the ones that I have been working on since the game has been released.

These sliders (from my understanding), are fairly difficult. I consider myself to be in the upper echelon of Madden gamers, so I set out for the most realistic and challenging sliders out there. I've spent a lot of time at the Operation Sports Madden 11 Sliders board trying out some of the sliders posted there, but they were too easy for me, so I made my own.

Now, these sliders are set for realism, or at least I am hoping that they are, so let me know how your games turn out, and if there is anything of concern that you guys can see.

Game Options:
I prefer conventional game play, haven't tried these with gameflow yet, you guys can try it out and let me know how it works.
I have auto-strafe and auto-sprint on, but again, you guys can try it without them if you don't like it and let me know the results.
15 minute clock, 25 sec run-off (the hardest part about realism is getting your LB's to have a realistic amount of tackles, hopefully game time will help, I'm looking for around 120 offensive plays a game)
Injures: 50
Fatigue: 60
Game Speed: Slow
Speed threshold: 68

Offside: 100
False Start: 52
Holding: 48
Facemask: 55
DPI: 86
OPI: 94
KR/PR Interference: 100
Clipping: 50
Int. Grounding: 100
Roughing the Passer: 94
Roughing the Kicker: 97

Player Skill:

QB Accuracy: 9
Pass Blocking: 41
WR Catching: 25

Broken Tackles: 2
Run Blocking: 36
Fumbles: 44

Pass Defense:
Reaction Time: 45
Interceptions: 19
Pass Rushing: 50

Rush Defense:
Reaction Time: 2
Block Shedding: 35
Tackling: 50

CPU Skill:

QB Accuracy: 55
Pass Blocking: 61
WR Catching: 31

Broken Tackles: 33
Run Blocking: 59
Fumbles: 75

Pass Defense:
Reaction Time: 75
Interceptions: 19
Pass Rushing: 90

Rush Defense:
Reaction Time: 72
Block Shedding: 51
Tackling: 62

Special Teams:
FG Power: 10
FG Accuracy: 47
Punt Power: 56
Punt Accuracy: 100
Kickoff Power: 12

I hope you guys enjoy these. But please beware, these are very difficult sliders, if you get blown out it isn't because they are off, you need to stay true and keep grinding it out in order to get the realism you desire.

One of the problems I'm having trouble with is the QB completion stat, I can't seem to get it above 60%, perhaps this is because I don't usually play with a good QB, so perhaps some of you could try this out with the Pats/Colts/Saints and let me know how it goes.

Enjoy! And please give feedback!
PSN: Neemz1844

User Info: F0reverZero

7 years ago#2
Hmmm. I guess everyone plays with their own sliders then! Ok well no need for me! Have fun with Madden 11!
PSN: Neemz1844

User Info: Riceball80IA

7 years ago#3
I'm sure somebody will give em a spin.
First down, Iowa

User Info: MagicManJay

7 years ago#4
Somebody will try them out. I'm sure of it. I'm very satisfied with the sliders I have now cuz they fit my skill level perfectly and I have good competition from the CPU.
Like a G, I hold it down for the town I'm at. And I flash like dat, recognize I'M BACK...they don't do it like me.

User Info: JimmyStinkfist

7 years ago#5
I will right now, I have my own custom slider set up, but after about a week of using them, I'm blowing teams out 70-7 with 9 minute quarters. I'll give you my response after a couple games.

User Info: F0reverZero

7 years ago#6
Thanks boys, let me know how it goes.
PSN: Neemz1844

User Info: JimmyStinkfist

7 years ago#7
Oh, and just a note before I even get going, I play with Injury turned to 45, and I still think there are too many big injuries per game, but that's just my opinion.

User Info: F0reverZero

7 years ago#8
Hey guys, I was away for the weekend, did anyone try these sliders out? I'm curious as to what other people think of them.
PSN: Neemz1844
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