switching from onside kick to regular

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User Info: whitey8899

6 years ago#1
i just got done with a game where i lost with a last second field goal. now 99% of me losing the game was my fault but i have one thing that just irritated me. everytime he would kick the ball off i wouldn't know if he was going to do a regular kickoff or an onside kickoff. he would start in onside formation and myself in regular. Then when i switched, he switched. Not a big deal. for some reason one of the times when i tried to switch it just wouldn't let me. I pressed x then left bumper numerous times and nothing would work. of course he stayed in onside kick when i didn't change, got the recovery, and went on to win the game. is there a glitch sometimes where this audible doesn't work for some reason. also, i started to just start off in onside kick formation and if he was in onside he would switch to regular. not one could i audible out to regular kickoff. is it the same audible as going from regular to onside. i pressed x and every combo you could think of and nothing would work. im just so pissed that this happened and this guy really wanted to win this cheap way.
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User Info: SupremeXtreme

6 years ago#2

what do you want us to say?
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User Info: doyema6

6 years ago#3
why after he tried it the first time didnt you just select onside recover every time? Problem solved. By the way I have had the audible not work for me one time against an online opponent. Not sure why.
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