Difficult for anyone else to kick a field goal?

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User Info: epicARTY21

6 years ago#1
everytime I try to kick a field goal or an extra point the ball always goes off to the side instead. In madden 10 it was so much easier for me. what is an easy way to kick field goals?
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User Info: SoulChaserJ

6 years ago#2
I don't have this problem, my problem is not being able to get the distance on a 40+ yd field goal attempt without wind assistance. What difficulty are you playing on?

User Info: johnnyboy24

6 years ago#3
No matter how hard I try I can't kick a 50+ yard field goal. 45-49 yards is fine, I have plenty of room to spare, but for some reason, even if my Kick Power is 100%, it always falls up short.

Then the AI comes in and makes a 55 yd field goal look like cake.
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User Info: butt11

6 years ago#4
I've never had a problem kicking field goals or extra points so it must be something that you are doing wrong. The kicking meter has both power and accuracy. the red part of the meter is power and the greenish/yellow is for accuracy. When the meter begins heading right you want to get as close to the end as possible before pushing the A button. When the meter heads to the left you do want to NOT get close to the end on the left side...you want to get as close or on that silver bar near the end as possible for good accuracy. You should have no problem at all with most field goals and extra points so long as you have a decent kicker if done correctly.

Also, at the Main Menu in your My Madden settings you can change the games Special Teams settings for punting and kicking. I've turned the accuracy and power all the way up for kicking and my longest field goal is 69yards. I''e never missed a field goal except once when I tried for a 75 yarder.

Also, the difficulty you have the game on determines how fast or slow the kicking meter goes. Obviously, on all-madden the meter goes real fast making it more difficult for field goals and extra points.

For 50+ yards it depends on the kicker you have and his power and accuracy stats as well as your power and accuracy settings in my madden.

User Info: kangolcone

6 years ago#5
My problem is that with every new update, EA changes the speed slightly. Extra points and kickoffs should be pretty much automatic.

User Info: supfoo514

6 years ago#6
Getting distance on your field goals is easy. You have to lower the angle of the kick to increase distance. Press up on the D-pad to lower the angle of the arrow. This will dramatically increase the distance of the kick. It will also make it easier to be blocked but I've never been blocked before so that is no problem. I play on all-pro as well. You can make 55+ yard field goals easily just by doing this.
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