Lets list some fun/cool spell combos.

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User Info: Hulkkis

6 years ago#1
Only got access to demo until feb 1 so my contribution will be limited.

Water + Fire = Steam!
Water + Cold = Ice Needles. Needles can be combined with other elements for more combos.

Also anyone with multiplayer could possibly confirm: are Shield +Life/water etc resistance auras like my friend theorized or something else?
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User Info: kureji

6 years ago#2
Arcane+Shield = Landmines
Heal+Shield = Healing Landmines

any of those landmines can be added with other elements to combine more effects, like water to make you wet or fire to ignite them as well.

Shield + any element cast on self, will make you immune to that element for a while, this includes making yourself immune to healing, so be careful about that, you'll know you're immune to healing if your aura is green and then you'll probably start shouting profanities like i did when i was just trying to heal and then put a shield on

User Info: S-9

6 years ago#3
fire + lightning = lightning with a burn effect.

User Info: Szeiden

6 years ago#4

For individual strong enemies I like running far away and then quickly aiming an Arcane + Water beam at them to get them wet. After that I use Arcane + Frost beam to freeze them. The beam nature of the combination means that the enemy is permanently frozen and the beam gradually kills them =D

User Info: ethiopian123

6 years ago#5
I' really enjoying -----steam+light+arc+light+light-----.... The beam and AoE just tears everything apart.

User Info: metroidtamer

6 years ago#6
After creating my other topic and following the advice in it, I just found that using shield on my sword and then striking makes a wall in the direction I swing.
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User Info: Shadowman2099

6 years ago#7
^Yeah, I found out about that combo just recently, and it's waaaay too much of a game breaker. No reason to do anything but that over and over again. The game just becomes too easy with that combo. For practicality, though, you could just steam+lightning+arcane and omit the rest. Faster input means more efficient input.

User Info: metroidtamer

6 years ago#8
I am sensing a spell combo sticky/FAQ comin on.
BF3: will it suck ass? YES:1 N0:1

User Info: doanm

6 years ago#9

three ice shards, arcane and shield gives you a really sweet ass vortex : D (thats roughly the combo so don't take my word for it)

User Info: Rayzer

6 years ago#10
Shield + Earth = Rock Shell (more earth makes a stronger shell)
Makes you invulnerable until it breaks, but you cannot move and casting breaks the shell. You can, however, charge up whatever nastiness you can imagine without any enemies being able to do anything about it.

Ice + Shield + Cold + Lightning + Arcane = High-damage close range aoe
Casting this as aoe causes a ring of icicles to erupt around you, which chill and chain-lightning any nearby enemies. They then almost immediately explode for arcane damage. Excellent to cast from inside a rock shell, since all melee enemies crowd around the shell and get ravaged by this spell. Very nasty effect to apply to your weapon as well.
The End
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  3. Lets list some fun/cool spell combos.

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