Space Marine armor?

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User Info: Therran81

6 years ago#1
On the steam splash on the page, with all the wizards against the dragon, there looks to be a red mage with armor and a bolter from Warhammer 40k, where do you get this outfit?
So this is how it ends.

User Info: Son Goku X

Son Goku X
6 years ago#2
I believe it's the new robe DLC >_>

Edit: Actually the Space Marine + Tron based robe = free from the latest update
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User Info: razblo

6 years ago#3
I was wondering the same thing.

Magicka is meh to me, but I love DoW!
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User Info: Blaise69

6 years ago#4
It seems to be a tricky armour to use.

You are immune to revive so can't be healed, but you do automatically heal a small amount every second.

Also you seem to have other resistances, but I'm not sure its worth it.

User Info: Kougeru

6 years ago#5
tron armor +Thunder storm=win
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