Sooo... checkpoints don't do anything?

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User Info: Agent101c

5 years ago#1
The first few times I have died twice in this game, the words "you are defeated" have come up on the screen, and i've respawned at checkpoint.

I'm on chapter 3, and I have double-died four times now. Three out of those four times resulted in a glitch which basically made it so the "you are defeated" does NOT appear on the screen...

instead, after I die, the music keeps playing, the monsters stand there breathing heavily, and NO MESSAGE comes up. basically it just sits there until i hit escape, access the menu, and select restart.

And the wonderful thing about being force to select restart is that Instead of going back to a checkpoint, I have to do the whole level over again! After three deaths at Jotunn and three startovers, I am done with this game. Thanks for the ripoff, steam. Games been out what, three years and they can't get a simple checkpoint system to work?

User Info: MrHearn

5 years ago#2
Valve Software (the makers of Steam) had nothing to do with the development of this game. Steam is merely a software distribution platform. Yes, this game is buggy as hell. It's not Steam's fault.
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  3. Sooo... checkpoints don't do anything?

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