wow...I hate this game so much

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User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#1
While it is a technical disaster in so many ways alone should be enough, I finally did get to play it eventually instead of it crashing all the time. Can't use a gamepad because it simply crashes the game every time you touch the left stick.

The pathing is so friggin' awful. You click on a guy to talk, but you don't walk over to him if there is anything to walk around. You have to manually walk around everything.

The tutorial is a joke. If you pick certain robes, which you really have no idea about at all the first time you play, you can't even finish the tutorial. I had to basically click on BANANA! and skip the tutorial because the rope wouldn't let me through and the game wouldn't move forward no matter how many times i healed myself or charged at the thing. So...I got no tuyorial at all due to the game being no help at starting.

This is single player only here and it's already a buggy mess, but multiplayer is a completely different animal of bugginess. This game is a mess.

Man am I glad I didn't buy any of the DLC and got this for $2.50. This game should be FREE. IT's such an awful game. I can't beleive so many people own this and think it is good. I'd rather play an emulated NES RPG in 8 bit than this garbage. XD

User Info: The_Pastmaster

4 years ago#2
Wow, I have no idea what game you played but it's not Magicka. Sure it has some issues but nothing like that. Maybe some early beta version. o_O

And you play with a gamepad? How does that work? Keyboard and mouse works much better IMO. You sure it's for the PC version?

User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#3
If the pathing wasn't so poor and movement wasn't 100% via the mouse I wouldn't have wanted to use a gamepad, but it would be way easier to use a stick than holding down the mouse key to move. I hate games that only move that way. Your guy doesn't go to objects you select, you have to walk him around everything manually instead of him walking to someone to talk, or examine something. IF that worked maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Needs WASD to move and all the spells could go on the numbers it would make much more sense.

No idea how the gamepad would play though since it crashed the game every time I touched the left stick.

This game has an AWESOME magic system I'll give it that, but overall the game feels so dated and I hated the movement gameplay almost immediately. If it wasn't for the unique ability to combine so many magics I would have never even gone on.

About the tutorial. You know/remember how you drop down into a basement right and it starts? You are supposed to pick up a staff and then heal yourself? Well...apparently the robe I chose had some attribute on it that wouldn't allow me to heal myself and get past the very first section. Some vaguely named one that could have meant all kinds of things. The game of course doesn't let you in on the secret that your starting robes actually matter. Like any other RPG I just figured the starting equips were junk and it didn't matter so I went with a cosmetic option and one that looked like it did a lot otherwise. I had no way to move on with the tutorial and I didn't even have a weapon to cut the rope. He had some gun or something instead of a sword so he couldn't cut it and skip the health part. Wouldn't have mattered anyways because the game wouldn't accept that I can't heal myself and change the tip even if I could get through. So I had to skip it, and start the game not knowing anything about any of the skills, how to fight, nothing.

Eventually I went back and picked a different robe after reading the forums to see what was wrong with the tutorial. Saw someone complaining about it too and found out the gmae lets you choose PvP robes to wear for single player and some of them make doing the tutorial impossible. Something the game doesn't notice of course.

So I got to do the tutorial finally and let me tell you...if you don't do it you have basically no f***ing clue how to do anything because the game has no help files, or a glossary of any sort. I had to go onto the forums to figure out HOW TO PLAY THE TUTORIAL.

I'm all for figuring things out in games and all that, but when your first experience is multiple game crashes followed by an impossible to finish tutorial my initial intrigue was long gone. Only reason I went back to see how to do the tutorial was because I couldn't figure how to do s***. I couldn't even figure out how to destroy the first door with a treasure behind it. LMAO
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