Defenders of Peace: Last Minikit HELP

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User Info: rekakahyi

6 years ago#1
I'm missing just one minikit here. There is a golden truck, but i'm not able to figure out what to do with it.
Any ideas?

User Info: nxtiak

6 years ago#2
You ride the golden truck to the right a bunch of studs come up you have to collect them (follow it) and minikit will appear. Hopefully that's it.

I'm also stuck on this level. I have a minikit arrow pointing near the back at the bounty hunter panel, but that's not it. I can't figure out what I'm missing.

User Info: rekakahyi

6 years ago#3
No, it doesn't work. I follow the studs but the minikit does not appear.
Perhaps the one i'm missing it's not related to the car... I thought so, but i now i think i'm wrong...
the one i'm missing is in the starting zone. The zone where the crashed ship is. The minikit detector is pointing to the north...
Please help!

i think the one you're missing is the XoX. Check out a plate in the floor, you need to build three more buildings in the same area and the plate will go away.

User Info: gun_busta

6 years ago#4
try building every item once then that last one you build a minikit

User Info: Infernos99

6 years ago#5
the one by the bounty hunter you just need to build the minikit dispensor

User Info: Wraith3

6 years ago#6
I can't seem to get the minikit from the Bounty Hunter thing where it says to kill 50 battledroids. I've done it in time and here the noise, but not kit. I figured at first maybe I wasn't getting it because I killed them on a speeder bike, but doing it on foot doesn't work either. Help!

User Info: Tevren

6 years ago#7
Wraith, are you sure that's the one you're missing? 50 droid kils can be repeated, and will make the sound each time, even if already completed.
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User Info: Wraith3

6 years ago#8
Yeah it still has a white arrow (minikit detector) next to the Bounty Hunter panel. I've got all the other nine.

User Info: igortheterror

6 years ago#9
That's strange. I never had an arrow pop up next to the bounty hunter switch. They were always floating in the level somewhere, pointing at nothing.

Are you sure you did the C3P0 switch? That always puts an arrow at the end of the route, not the switch itself.
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User Info: mikado67

6 years ago#10
im having the same problem with the mystery pointer near the bounty hunter too and the mark for the bounty hunter part never leaves i only am able to get 8 kits
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