who would you side with? mages or templars

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User Info: calcycle

6 years ago#1
potentially lethal people or racist protectors

I would choose templars for the sole fact that magic is dangerous and needs control
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User Info: Pilke

6 years ago#2
Mages for sure, because by the end of the first game a whole army of templars didn't stand a chance against my mage.
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User Info: BDJayce

6 years ago#3
All depends, i'm all for mages having their freedom or whatever but Templars perform a service. What happens if a mage goes crazy, starts using blood magic on everybody and their little pets.. would you sit there going "Well, as long as their free.." or would you be going "damn! Templars would be really useful right around now.."
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User Info: Corruption_Vash

6 years ago#4
Templars have their uses, as do mages.

I don't see why Templars are so overzealous, they just need to maintain dominance over mages and enforce order. But discrimination? Really?
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User Info: BDJayce

6 years ago#5
you have a point, it should be like a police system.. mages free to do as they wish as long as they don't go crazy.. templars only going after mages if they start killing people..
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User Info: AL3451

6 years ago#6
Templars are so overzealous because they are all dope fiends and almost all addicts are obsessive.

User Info: sk00p

6 years ago#7
If we lived in a dragon age world my bet would be everyone would side with templars unless yourself was a mage
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User Info: Geostomp

6 years ago#8
On sheer principle? Mages. They've been treated as living weapons for centuries and deserve a chance to live their own lives.

Practically, though? Templars. As bad as the Chantry gets, they've got a point about mages going out of control or losing themselves to the denizens of the Fade.

If the mages had some organization capable of policing themselves, then I'd be all for them. The Chantry needs to be taken down a couple pegs or they'll never live up to their ideals, but anarchy is not exactly an improvement.
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User Info: Darque

6 years ago#9

Templars can die in a fire.

...in fact, I'll start it >_>
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User Info: KontroLz85

6 years ago#10
I enjoy playing as a mage but since I'm not one in real life I'd side with the templars. Mages have way too much power over everyone else. Instead of just keeping them "under control" they should be exterminated. No mages, no problem, right?
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