Rogues only need 31 cunning.

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User Info: Blyr

6 years ago#1
For armor.

Finished my rogue play last night, with 40 cunning, and there were only -2- master chests in the entire game, and they didn't really even have anything that great. (One was near the very final battle, and it had some trinkets and a necklace that wasn't any better than what I already had).

Also didn't see -ANY- master level traps, so if you're a rogue, you don't need more than 31 in cunning.. (and that's just so you can equip the best armor.)
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User Info: BassGsSpDeluxe

6 years ago#2
I'm gonna have to agree with you here.

Honestly, gear should be set up into 2 types per class.

Warrior: Str (dps) and Con (tank) types.

Mage: Magic (dps, nuker) and Willpower (healer, support) types.

Rogues: Dexterity (ranged dps) and Cunning (melee dps, enemy debuffing) types.

Then have the actual Sets use the dual requirements.

/adds to wishlist for DA3 or potential co-op spinoff
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User Info: Fraust

6 years ago#3
Good to know. I am not particular fond of the dual stat for armor bit but whatever.

User Info: cloud9814

6 years ago#4
I did a respec on my rogue after getting the rune that boosted all attributes by 7 so you really on need 24 cunning.of course this didnt happen until beating the high dragon in act 3.

User Info: neepwah

6 years ago#5
And honestly, if you find a piece of equipment that has "bonus to lock picking" and just keep it around for opening things, then you can still open the master chests with the 31 cunning. I have a rockcrusher glove,or something to that effect, that has been letting my level 13, 25 cunning rogue open complex chests for a while now.
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User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#6
do you even need that? i just carry my plus lockpick armor, and plus lockpick dagger with me, and pop them on when i come across a chest i cant open, and theyve all opened so far. course, i just hit act two, so maybe i didnt run across those two yet. im at 22 or so cunning now btw.

also, did anybody else abandon the main character? i did. i was so excited for my dual wield rogue, cause i heard such great things, but my mage kept dying in tough fights, so i started switching to her during tough fights, and ended up never switching back after a while. its a blast playing as a mage. uber powerful, staying out of harm way, and its just soo cool spamming spells, and attacking with your staff. awesome. i use merril btw.
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User Info: Blyr

6 years ago#7
You'll still need a min. of 31 cunning to wear champion armor, but you could do like cloud9814 said, and use a rune of valiance, and leave it at 24.
"yes hd text does look different as its sharper, less blurry, and easier on the eyes." ~Elemental_Mage1

User Info: Milleykins

6 years ago#8
More cunning for assassin's criticals is nice!
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User Info: MrGodai

6 years ago#9
if your rogue keeps dying you are doing something wrong.

My dual wield rogue is always the last to die when playing hard, there are enough skills that prevent enemies going after you or easily escape when surrounded.

also cunning is very very useful if you are going with assassination build, 1% extra crit damamge per cunning is better than the damage dex give when 90% hits are crits.

also when you hit level 14, go buy a respect potion and pump all your points into assassination and shadow and see how rogue really kills

User Info: wheresatari

6 years ago#10
my rogue doesnt keep dying, my mage did. thats what im saying. i started playing as a mage out of necessity, and ended up loving it so much, i abandoned my rogue to its AI and just use merril. i was too lazy to start over with a mage character build.
Whiskey bottle, brand new car, oak tree you're in my way.
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