Ancient Rock Wraith on Nightmare

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User Info: Stunty17

6 years ago#1

Is it possible?

my group is 2 2h warrior vanguards, a healer, and varric of course

This may not be the best group but I've gotten through everything fine on Nightmare with them, a few problems here and there but i've gotten through it...

It feels impossible because of how the game controls and how the boss moves, everything is so fast I cant completely control every character in my group every second of the battle, and then the boss is moving around the room constantly so even if i do move my characters to not take dmg he will be right behind them in 5 seconds anyway, then theres no line of sight problem with the boss, i'll move behind a pillar and still he'll shoot the guy with something if he has aggro, then the large blast thing he does where you have to get behind the pillar is too quick, even if I dont get hit the rest of the group seems to get some dmg most of the time killing either my healer or varric who already had half health

By the time i kill the first adds and i've gotten him down a quarter, both my healer and varric are dead and my 2 warriors are waiting for the cooldown for a poultice with half health

Anyone here beat him on Nightmare? and if you have can you tell me your set up and how you did it?

User Info: widget624

6 years ago#2
Probably a bit late now but stack lightning runes and other lightning resist gear helps for defense and cold/spirit runes on weapons for offense

User Info: TurboReaper

6 years ago#3
Also, take Aveline instead of Fenris. Her ability to simply not die is pretty amazing for a tank.

User Info: Stunty17

6 years ago#4

hmm thanks, i'll remember that next playthrough

User Info: No_Mega

6 years ago#5
At that point, Aveline doesn't have a significant defensive advantage over Fenris, and I prefer him for the higher damage output.

Having 2 2H warriors is not ideal for that fight, or Nightmare in general. I played on PC, but can you pause and relocate your squad on the 360, too? Making sure to move your squad around properly is the only challenging part of the fight.

User Info: ringogniringo

6 years ago#6
The way I finally beat him on nightmare was to control anders the whole time and make sure he didn't die. Then let the rest auto attack, and give them commands when necessary, but always keep anders safe for his revival skill.

Whenever two or three of my team died I had anders use revival. Made it alot easier. Not sure if you have a mage with revival, but try it out if you do.

User Info: Stunty17

6 years ago#7

hopefully it hasnt been to long for someone to read this but

Is a weapon and shield person a must? is the defence really that big of a difference? I can understand for some fights but all the time?

I chose 2 2h warriors both with taunt so anders wouldnt have to use his healing spells the first 5 seconds of a battle and they just swarm people with assail and cleave

I'm not completely sure if weapon and shield get better at higher lvls with better gear, i only got 1 to lvl 8 maybe and didnt think much of it

Oh and about the comment of controlling Anders, it feels like everytime the boss swings hits three of my people for a chunk of life and we barely hurt him, the healing spells how to long of cooldown to do that i think, if it worked for you what set up did you have?

User Info: widget624

6 years ago#8
From: Stunty17 | #007
Is a weapon and shield person a must? is the defence really that big of a difference?

Why limit yourself to defense just because you have a shield in your hand, they can dish out some pretty decent damage if you build them right. What people fail to realize is a high level shield offers the exact same DPS. Not to mention they have some pretty decent gear for DPS although without the DLC items you can't really take advantage of it until act 3. Fenris doe have an advantage over Aveline because of his unique tree but for Hawke the only advantage 2 hand offers is a wider hit arc which can be a bad thing on nightmare.

User Info: Amoral1ty

6 years ago#9
3 ranged 1 frontliner. I went with Aveline over Fenris because that whore can take a beating. I had archer hawke, varric and anders as well
Keep your DLC armour and fill the slots with Lightning-resist runes. I managed to reach 94% lighting resist on Hawke. Suffice to say the rock wraith and the profanes were hitting me in the region of 2 damage.
Take Barrier. By far the best skill you can take against the wraith.
Keep your ranged away from the wraith. Micro them away from it, especially once it starts rolling.
Stock up on posions, grenades, potions, injury kits etc etc. I went into the fight with 15 health kits, 10/10 lyrium potions/stamina draughts. Rock armour potion on whoever needs it.
Do as much DPS as you can on the wraith when it's in the middle and the profanes are up.

I went into the fight well prepared and did it in one go, took me 10 minutes.
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User Info: myztikrice

6 years ago#10
Don't you get the lightning resist rune recipe in Act 2? How do people have so many in Act 1?
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